Supporting candidates with a bigger vision...

I have to cast my vote for candidates who understand that time spent on streets and accounting practices are only two forms of investment in our community, but these alone fall very short of making a city great. I will support candidates who have a larger vision; who understand that we need more than tourism dollars to support our town, we need to attract businesses and employers. We need jobs and affordable places to live. We do that by investing in things that make Salida a desirable place to live and thrive; not just for newcomers but for all residents. Those things include parks and trails, a vibrant downtown, the pool and other family/community assets, well managed concerts and festivals, land for future development, the SteamPlant as an attractive venue for events and conferences, safety lanes for bikes and cars and walkers, good schools and teachers. I cannot cast my vote for candidates who do not see the value in these assets, or spend inordinate amounts of time and energy focused on single issues at the expensive of these greater visions. I support Forrest Whitman, Alisa Pappenfort and Cheryl Brown-Kovacic. Thank you to the three of you for talking about the big picture. Salida needs you.

PS Given current hostilities, I am aware that I am at risk of a character slashing, angry response to this email. Please ignore it for what it is and say yes to respect and good ideas.

PSS Please VOTE!

Lawton Eddy

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