1A Ballot Question

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Dear Citizen:

Chaffee County has an opportunity this election to vote in favor of a ballot measure that will raise the local county sales tax one half of one percent which is a modest 50 cents for every $100 expended. This new revenue is forecast to generate $ 1,497,965 in revenue in 2016 to cover the annual cost estimated to be $ 1,399,025 (includes annual ambulance replacement cost of $190,000) for the 2016 county budget year. Any excess funds not spent on EMS (Ambulance), Public Safety Dispatch (E-911) and Emergency Management (Disaster) services will go onto a “reserve” fund designated exclusively for use in maintaining these services.

As stated in the ballot measure, all of the money raised by the passage of this measure will be “used solely” to pay for the costs associated with these important and essential services including the hiring and training and equipping of emergency medical and disaster management services. It also allows for the replacement of obsolete and failing communication equipment and making capital improvements necessary for “dispatching” emergency personnel to fires, police, and emergency medical service calls.

Another result of the passage of this measure would be freeing up funds from that were used to pay for these essential public safety services and using them to address the needed improvements and on-going maintenance of our county roads and bridges. For your benefit on this issue, a more comprehensive analysis of this ballot measure can be found by going to http://VOTEYES1A.com.

It has been over 35 years, since the county has asked for monies to maintain services that are not only necessary in remote rural mountain domains such as Chaffee County, but passing this measure ensures the exceptional quality of services we have developed to serve and protect the public.

Please take a look at the information and vote yes for 1A!

Dennis Giese
Chair Chaffee County Commissioners

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