Observation on Mayor Dickson's letter

Jim Dickson misspelled my first name, "Monicka", exactly the same way Dara MacDonald did in a recent email exchange about public works director Bob Salmi's misspeaking (her word) at a recent city council meeting concerning piping the Harrington Ditch. Upon further reading of the mayor's letter I noted his use of the royal first person plural "we" and first person singular passive voice "myself" instead of me. Both are hallmarks of Dara's writing. Just saying.

My only criticism of the "vicious" political cartoon that has the mayor and his friends in such a snit is that it should have shown the real puppet master behind Dara: councilman Tom Yerkey. -Monika


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  • I don't think so, Monika; Dara is our tyrant. She is our biggest employer running the city, the swimming pool, the airport, the golf club, the steam plant, the NRDC, a ranch, two mountains and the city attorney. Plus she rules the city council by a 4-3 vote.

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    The City Administrator's job is to run the swimming pool, the airport, the SteamPlant, etc. This is a full time employee who is supposed to administrate the will of the Council. If you don't like what the Administrator does, vote for a new Council.

  • I'm just saying, I've lived in two communist countries and this is how they operate. The state owns everything substantial, employs the majority and they run everything. Also, don't all these enterprises lose money year after year. Perhaps they need good, honest management.

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