Career Building Academy

Interested in building a house and receiving math, science and elective credits? Starting second semester it will be possible for you to work alongside The Career Building Academy and learn all of the trades that are needed to build a house. Salida High School is working in partnership with The Career Building Academy to build a few houses in Poncha Springs. Go to class in the morning/afternoon then you will be bused to the Poncha Springs location for a exciting hands-on experience.

Staff from The Career Building Academy will be in the high school auditorium on Wednesday, November 11th from 1:30-2pm. Students and parents are welcomed to attend. Please contact Mr. Tressler to sign up or for more information. [email protected] 719.530.5407


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  • This is a great move for Salida High School. As contractors, I think we all struggle with finding qualified help in almost all of the trades. This knowledge and some basic business sense could easily put some of these kids on the road to one day owning their own business. And while the work is sometimes physically demanding, the pay is quite a bit higher than many of the service jobs in our county.

    I hope this program is a rousing success!

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