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  • Well, from what I read in the Mtn Mail it seems like it's a done deal. As usual with the mail, the reporting is very short on details and very long on rhetoric, but I've come to deal with that over the years.

    At the end of the day, the town annexed the property. No reason for this to happen other than to support and approve the development. Seems premature, lot of details missing, lot of propaganda though. Joe Deluca thinks it's a good idea. Warms the cockles of my heart and lays all my fears to rest.

    Uh huh...

    Sorta reminds me of how Richard Chick and the Friend Ranch golfin pasture development got started. Remember that ? The perfect Utopian development, will bring billions to the economy, rainbows and butterflies for all ! Wham Bam it's Bankrupt man...

    There already seem to be minor debacles surfacing related to the access roads. Seems a lot of concessions with tap fees. No data so you can't say what other concessions have been discussed.

    We do need the workforce housing though, can't dispute that. As I have said before, the lack of details, and transparency bothers me. That we just heard of it 15 days ago and it's moving at the speed of light, comparatively to other things the city is dealing with, is concerning.

    Buckle up, could be a bumpy ride... Or not. Only time shall tell.

  • Tonight at 6:30 City Council will have the first reading of a short term rental ordinance that will require these businesses to register with the city. If you're interested in this topic show up at 6:30 at the city council chambers in the Touber building.

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