Discussions About Local News on Tuesday in Saguache

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Have you seen this? Thought it might be of interest to folks in Salida as well. I received it from Saguache Today.

Pam Judd

How do you get your local news? How do you find about important issues in your community? On Tuesday, Dec. 15, there will be two community conversations concerning news in Saguache County and the San Luis Valley. Community members are invited to attend two different exchange sessions being sponsored by Solutions Journalism, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to introduce journalists to the practice of solutions journalism through newsroom trainings and webinars.

Leah Todd will be representing the group as she discusses the possibility of Solutions Journalism supporting a network of newsrooms either in Montana or in the San Luis Valley next spring to report on solutions in their communities regarding quality of life issues.

The two discussion sessions will be at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Saguache Works, located in downtown Saguache at 404 4th Street. Each discussion is anticipated to be no more than two hours. Additional questions and details may be directed to Leah Todd at [email protected]

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  • Intriguing! Well worth checking out the web site for Solutions Journalism at http://solutionsjournalism.org

    This idea could take local media beyond merely re-stating (the obvious) problems we have and give less ink to people who just shout at each other. Maybe it would help the Salida community focus on learning from other successes and shared solutions.

    Thanks for sharing this. I challenge the Mountain Mail to learn more and at least comment on it, let alone try it out.

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