The Heart of Salida Project

Salida is a very rare and amazing community that is to be treasured. Artist, Lori Tatum started a project to celebrate and honor the people that have made a difference in our lives and our community. These individuals are truly the heartbeat of Salida. Lori will be working diligently to produce as many black and white portraits as possible between now and her installation at the F Street Gallery in September. Her goal is to have at least 100 portraits of Salida difference makers. This will be fun to see the amazing people of our community all together on one wall. Let's work together to honor and celebrate the lives that surround us every day and make our community special. To participate in the project is as simple as nominating that special person, submitting their photo with a little info on how they are special and have made a difference in the community. Please go to The Heart of Salida Project's Facebook page and nominate someone today!

Thanks for participating.

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