Writers Exchange - JANUARY 25, 2016 - FREE Writing Session

Ringing in the New Year from the Chaffee County Writers Exchange ...

Join us on Monday, January 25th for a FREE Writing Session at the Buena Vista Public Library, 131 Linderman Avenue in Buena Vista, Colorado, from 9:30 a.m. to Noon. (Details at www.CCWritersExchange.org)

Leader: Maria Weber - artist, writer, poet and potter, and author of I'll Be There to Write the Story

Topic: "Drawing Out Your Words" — using the meditational movement and imagery of art to inspire great writing. Maria sometimes likes to mix up various media to become creatively inspired. She is a fan of using colored pencils and adult coloring books that are all the rage. Coloring is meditative and relaxing. Natalie Goldberg, the mentor of the writing method we use, is a zen practitioner as well as a writing guru. In her workshops she has her students do walking meditation prior to writing. Meditation tends to shut up our “monkey minds” and allow the writing to flow. In our 5th Monday group, “Drawing Out Your Words,” we will use coloring instead of walking meditation to silence the monkey mind prior to writing. Colored pencils and designs will be provided, but if you have your own favorite pencils, feel free to bring them.

These writing sessions are open to the public. Attendees may volunteer to read what they write, but there is no criticism of their work.

**Remember to brink a snack to share, your own drink, paper and pen (or your laptop). **

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