Changing the Culture of Conflict - Restorative Justice - Saturday, February 6th

With Representative Pete Lee and Lynn Lee and Chafee County Commissioner Frank Holman

Representative Pete Lee serves in the Colorado House of Representatives for the 18th District. He actively supports Restorative Justice (RJ) and helped establish 5 pilot programs to fund Restorative Practices throughout Colorado. He is committed to helping the expansion of RJ at a nationwide level.

Lynn Lee is one of three RJ practitioner representatives appointed by the CO State Court Administrators office. She is owner of Pikes Peak Restorative Practices and is a professional Mediator, RJ Trainer,
and one of the top Lead Facilitators of RJ in Colorado.

Frank Holman is President of the FCRJ Board of Directors and a Chaffee County Commissioner.

Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) promotes Peace and Community Justice through dialogue and positive conflict resolution.

Learn More! – Meeting at the Buena Vista Community Center with guest speakers

                      10:30 a.m. – Noon @ 715 E. Main St. Buena Vista, CO 81211

                       Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided

Join Us! – Meeting at 1st Presbyterian Church in Salida with guest speakers

                      2 – 3:30 p.m. @ 7 Poncha Blvd. Salida, CO 81201

                      Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided

Dine with RJ Fundraiser – Support FCRJ with food and spirits at The Boathouse - Tickets purchased prior to the event.

                      6:30 – 8:30 p.m. @ 228 N. F St. Salida, CO 81201

                      Tickets $35 – Buffet, beer, and wine 

At The Boathouse:

Pasta Buffet Includes: veggie marinara, alfredo, meat sauce and choice of penne, fettuccine, farfalle, linguine or spaghetti noodles. Caesar, mixed green, or spinach salad (Choose 2). Add meat balls, Italian sausage, grilled vegetables, marinated chicken breast or pesto sauce. Also includes homemade garlic bread, fried ravioli, pepperoncini and olive platter and choice of bruschetta or caprese.

Plus nonalcoholic drinks & beer & wine!

We hope to see you there :-)


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  • I attended the Saturday meeting in Salida. The meeting was well run, and very informative. I was very impressed that such a small town as Salida has a group like this.

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