Boys and Girls Club Artists’ Reception, Box Of Bubbles, E St. side, Friday, Feb. 19, 1pm

Boys and Girls Club Artists’ Reception, Box Of Bubbles, E St. side, Friday, Feb. 19, 1pm Drinks, treats, photo opps, and kid artists’ signing - for parents, kids, and the public!

“The Breath Of Old Man Winter” by the Boys and Girls Club of Salida, with help from ‘Rocketman’ Jimmy Descant, and installed at Box Of Bubbles, 2nd and E, thanks to Ken Brandon, owner; Brian Beaulieu, director of B/G Clubs; and Francesca Valderrama, B/G Club art teacher

Last summer I was gifted about 70,000 small plastic cups from local company ‘Don’t Go Nuts’ after telling me they could not use them and were going to just recycle them. So being an artist who hates to see things go to waste, I came up with an ideas for projects for the Boys and Girls Clubs in BV and Salida.

Earlier in 2015, I had worked with both clubs on individual instant art projects where they brought junk from home and made their own ‘found object assemble’ artworks, with help from the Rocketman in gluing and drilling and connecting!

3 months ago I came up with the idea of making something grand with the plastic cups. The BV kids and I created a 30’ long ‘Recycled Rattlesnake’ body out of the cups, and satellite dishes for the head, and put it in a garden at City Square for a month as an ‘art on loan’ installation. That has passed and the Snake is now back on display at their classes.

The Salida kids and myself painted a long sideways face on an old door from Caring and Sharing, and I cut out the wide mouth, so that the cups (painted and strung on laundry line) by the kids would pour out like an ancient Roman fountain, preferably up high for the effect.

After the St. Joseph Church board denied the project to be put on their building where the kids create, I approached my good friend and great art advocate Ken Brandon at Box Of Bubbles, and of course he said YES! The art is located on the E St. side of Box Of Bubbles at 2nd St., above what was the drive thru door to the vintage carwash.

Over 3 months, the kids painted, I drilled, and they strung approximately 3500 cups!!!! The installation is about 12’ high and 7’ wide. I have been trying to instill in these young artists a sense of group accomplishment, pride in their work, learning about public art installations and 'on loan' aspects of these kinds of projects as I have been placing pieces around the state for the past few years. The thrill I see in the kids faces, and the work from their hands shows in quality, pride of accomplishment, and positively affects their whole being in that someone likes their art enough to give them space to exhibit. “Look Mom, I helped create that, for the whole world to see.”

Everyone’s welcome to come by on Friday at 1, to see this for themselves! Thanks, Jimmy


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