Travelogue with Rob Dubin, Feb. 25, 2016

TRAVELOGUE! February 25 at the Salida Steam Plant 7-8:30pm, $5 admission; Drinks will be available for purchase At age 42, filmmaker Rob Dubin walked away from a career making TV shows for ESPN and The Travel Channel. He and his wife Dee sold their home and possessions, bought a 40’ sailboat and sailed over the horizon. What was intended as a 3 year voyage to the Caribbean became a 17 year odyssey visiting 60 countries and sailing around the world. Join us for Rob’s inspirational presentation about trading a life of comfort for encounters with hurricanes, pirates, exotic cultures and our world’s incredible beauty. Regular attendees to the Salida Travelogue series will remember Rob from last year's thrilling presentation of his backroads of Africa.

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