GARNA presents bee program and visit to local hives

On Wednesday, June 1, GARNA has arranged for a talk and tour of the local hives managed by The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique in Salida. During the 30 minute or so talk, Mike Andree will discuss bee anatomy and commercial use of bees as pollinators, his work with UC Davis on colony collapse and other diseases, bees’ role in crop pollination, and commercial bee keeping. He will touch upon what people in our area can do to attract bees to their trees, gardens, and setting up amateur bee hives. The talk will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Salida. The group will then travel to a location just outside of Salida to see the bee hives in person and Mike will discuss bee behavior and honey production. Weather permitting, Mike will open one of the hives so the group can see the bees at work. In 2006, Mike Andree received his introduction to beekeeping at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a Technician during the onslaught of Colony Collapse Disorder. From there he became an employee of Penn State University where he assisted in the execution of various Honey Bee Health Surveillance Projects. In 2011, Mike went to work for the University of California at Davis to participate in a project known as the Bee Informed Partnership which was developed, in part, to help bridge the gap between scientists and beekeepers. Mike currently lives the life of a beekeeper with his wife Jamie (owner of The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique) in Salida. The cost of the program is $5 for GARNA members and $8 for non-association members. Online registration is available at Please contact GARNA at [email protected] or 539-5106 with questions.

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