"Can't We All Just Get Along?" art exhibit at Elevation, thru July, opening reception Thursday 6-8

“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” As a Severe ReConstructivist, I dismantle the parts of the whole of the Golden Age of American manufacturing to create my assemblages of rocketships, and ‘Western Futurism”. With this show, I dismantle the attacks, the feelings, and the reactions of our local, national, and Universal politics and human condition to find the art, the statement, and the inspiration to carry on. The affordability of art is challenging as well, and after many other shows, it is time to let loose to the public art that I love, but want it to affect the interested and lovers of ART in their own home spot, or gifted to others! $15, 20, 25, 50, and "Brains Over Guns" T-shirts. Have fun, discuss, and FORWARD!!! Thanx, Jimmy Descant www.DeluxeWest.com picture is titled "MAGNET"

1549 x 900 - 887K
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