Chaffee County Planning Commission Meeting Aug. 30th 6 p.m.

The Chaffee County Planning Commission is holding a Public Hearing Tuesday, August 30th at 6 p.m. in the County BoCC Chambers. The Chambers are upstairs on the second floor to the left. Please attend this meeting to demonstrate to the County leadership we have expectations for how we create quality policy through collaboration, dialogue and public engagement! We can and should do better! The agenda can be found on the County's website. Here is the link to the agenda.

The agenda is a full one. There is a work session, which is open to the public for observation, from 4-5:30 discussing density, followed by a contentious public hearing topic at 6:00 for a gravel pit, then the three topics for land use code changes beginning at 6:30. The Planning Commission has scheduled 15 minutes per topic on the code changes. Please be aware you must sign up when you arrive to speak. You may also turn in written comments. It is up to Mike Allen, the Chair of the Planning Commission, to determine if each agenda item gets to go past its allotted time and whether items may need to be rescheduled.

To help you prepare for the meeting, has created a background summary and analysis of the proposed changes. You may also see the Chaffee County Planning & Zoning website to read the full staff reports. Open Space, Fire Suppression Cisterns, Visual Analysis.

Please attend this important meeting or send a letter today the Planning Commission via Dan Swallow. [email protected]

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