Sale of Vandaveer properties.

To Salida City Council Members and Concerned Citizens of the City of Salida Co. Wow! So much for Transparency, Typical politics, as in the pot calling the kettle black! Is it True? There is talk to sell the Vandaveer property lock stock and barrel! Why, so that we can have our own version of South Main in Buena Vista, a town competing with the same town to which it claims to be a part? And I thought one of the Current Councils goals was to help maintain our small town character. How will a development that could potentially rival the size of our current City Footprint possibly help maintain our Small Town Feel? Our current Downtown, despite the rumors to the contrary, still struggles to make ends meet through the course of the entire year. We still have Empty Store Fronts and Lots to be developed in the future. Not to mention our current Highway 50 Corridor which is a long way from being developed, I am sure that those businesses struggle just as much as we do Downtown. If you don’t believe me then please explain why the owners in most of these businesses are in their store most every day! That Vandaveer property has been “burning a hole in our pockets” since we acquired it! Why? What’s the hurry, further more why do we spend so much time worrying about it? Let’s set it on the back burner and let it simmer till something really good comes of it. Our town is too special to make rash decisions concerning something of this potential magnitude! When we purchased it for the water rights for the future that seemed to make perfect sense at the time. Little did we know that the future development would be the same land we purchased for the water. Ironic isn’t it! Speaking of Ironic, for all the complaints and concern residents had over the music festival, that will pale in comparison to a full on development. Hell, that makes “Christo” look like small potatoes. Here’s an example of the shortsightedness of selling City Property. The much needed parking lot the City rents on West First Street used to be City owned and in our un-wisdom we sold that property and then in turn the City rents the property to have the parking lot and I Understand we Can lose that lease we so desperately need at any time. As far as I know there is no master plan or zoning that is set in stone for the Vandaveer property. I urge Council to not proceed with the sale of Vandaveer until that is in place. Is it possible to issue a bond to service the debt? Let’s not rush into a fire sale. WE HAVE OPTIONS. We owe approximately 4.5 mill. For a town of 5000 we could buy it for $900 apiece, now that sounds like sound investment! Greg.

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