How to make a KILLER yard sale! by Jimmy Descant

How to make a KILLER yard sale! by Jimmy Descant, famous buyer, seller, and scrounger! Friends’ 10th Anniversary Blowout Yard Sale, 221 Palmer St., Saturday Oct. 15, 8am-noon

Most of you know me for my abilities and passion when it comes to ‘found object assemblage’ for over 20 years in my career as a sculptor specializing in the deconstruction of the whole of the Golden Age of american manufacturing, and turning it all into rearranged glorious space age and Western art.

This Saturday Oct. 15, 2016, will be the 10th anniversary of our Friends Yard Sale, started by long time residents and friends like Bailey, Kathleen, Colleen, Nan, Cathy, and Lawton. Our house in town was the best common locale, for these years. Also, in inspiration, a couple years ago I invented the ‘reverse garage sale’, where I put in a ‘want ad’ as to what I would buy, and sat in my front yard and had sellers come to me! At the end of the day I had spent $30 and my yard was FULL of possible art plethora!

To make it yours a successful event, there has to be excitement! In the possibilities of making money sure, but in the letting loose and feeling lighter in this World. We do this sale every year, and the satisfaction of owning is equaled by the purging, and seeing the satisfaction of the new owner. Telling stories helps, and adds to the total length of existence of material objects! Always remember that there is always MORE stuff out there in the American world, and I’ll never in my life run out of raw materials for my art, due to the greatness (and also kitsch) of American manufacturing! The music pumping pumps sales, and the conversations get loud, and the looseness of friends and community shines through. This is no hucksterism, it’s mutual give and take! We always have a giant FREE pile to prime the pump (wallet), and let folks get dirty digging through it all!

Our sale’s party starts by 6am (invite only) with mimosas, bloody marys, quiche, and good jam music to get us into the sunrise mood of a day of sales and friends, new and old. At 7:30, the Ray Charles blasting thru the window welcomes the throngs of thrifty buyers to our scene, and commerce and purging begins in earnest! This year we set it all up on Friday, NO earlybirds sales for us. Most selling folks request donuts and coffee for earlybirds as a bribe to take the tarps off. Saturday we have 6 people selling in the driveway and I will have the front yard full of furniture, art, household, music equipment, cowboy clothes and boots, kitchen and bar ware, cactus and garden supplies, TV’s, etc., everything under the sun to do a turnover of decor and dust!

At noon, the smoke clears, all that is left is piled into the truck to take to the Caring & Sharing loading dock for the final all clear, and then the grocery for bbq’ing supplies for the afternoon cookout for all involved… all the while telling stories of what was forgotten at home, the 18’ canoe taken on the roof of a Miata, the lady who wanted to buy tree branches out of the front yard, what’s gonna be found and bought at the next sale… but this late in the season the sales have dwindled to ours and a couple more, ShedFest happens the same day, and stuff and ideas are packed away for the winter to come, and just thrift store visits.

It’s been a great 10 years of stuff, and folks, and alleys, and possibilities; and I see a brand new bought and paid for fridge for our camper for the treats and tastes of a road trip of adventure in the coldest months here… and the Sun way down below in the deserts and American south… and there’s ALWAYS a thrift store, a flea market, an unadvertised indoor sale… and of course Ray Charles. C’mon by ’n buy ponders. Jimmy

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