Bill Dvorak's numerous and serious Violations on the Arkansas

More Dvorak Violations and Revelations

I’m supporting and voting for Greg Felt in the County Commissioner race. I’ve known Greg since coming to the Valley some 25 years ago. He runs a good and responsible business, has donated his time to many public causes, and is a good guy. In addition, Monarch Ski Area ownership also supports Greg.

Let me too state that I am an unabashed and strong proponent of Chaffee County. I think it is the best valley in the state to enjoy all out of doors activities. And, Salida and BV are the last real mountain towns in Colorado where people can; live, work and play.
In September, I was made aware of some serious allegations regarding Bill Dvorak. These involve payroll tax liens and serious administrative and safety violations on the river with the governing body, the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife division.

Let’s review the tax liens. Dvorak did not pay payroll taxes for 4 years that totaled some $80,000. He collected trip fees from clients, employed raft guides, but did not pay his REQUIRED share to the government. This is not a mere oversight, but reflects on the severe lack of financial and administrative stewardship, of a business owner, and his own financial security. A review of rafter days for the river indicates that despite operating a rafting company for over 40 years, Dvorak Whitewater is not even in the top 30 on the Arkansas.

Now comes a “raft” of administrative and safety violations for Dvorak on the Arkansas. Refer to website that houses these violations and liens with the documents obtained from each agency.
Violations are for: unqualified guides who lacked CPR cards, proper training, first aid and minimum experience levels for guided trips. Additionally, rafts were found to lack proper flotation devices, first aid kits, and rescue ropes.

Further, Dvorak failed to use proper markings on his boats and did not permit them. Criminal trespass violations were frequent. Rationing limits for the amount of rafter days allowed on the river were systemically broke too.

For numerous and repeated violations on the river, Dvorak was placed on probation 3 times in the last 9 years. Dvorak claims to raft commercially on eight rivers, each with their own governing body. Time did not allow investigation of any violations on those rivers, but one could certainly speculate of problems.

Let’s be clear too that upon discovering these tax and river issues, I called Bill Dvorak. Bill dismissed the issues as non-relevant to the Commissioner race and had no problem with them being brought to light. I believe a person’s lack of running a responsible business is pertinent to that persons running for elected office. Do we really want to have a guy with this kind of poor track record in his own business as a County Commissioner? Please review the website and make your own judgement.

I’m voting for Greg Felt.

Bob Nicolls Monarch Investments Monarch Ski Area


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  • Response to Bob Nicolls October 20, 2016

    Last night when I returned from the County Commissioner’s candidate forum, I learned of a post from Bob Nicolls in the Salida Citizen and the website it pointed to. Reading the post I became angry and immediately wanted to correct the many factual errors and to retaliate by pointing out similar violations and fines that Greg Felt and many of the Arkansas River companies regularly incur.

    But as I realized that someone had actually gone to the trouble of building an entire website to show our company was fined for not having enough gauze in our first aid kit or having our name and address written in the wrong spot on our rafts, my anger was replaced by sadness.

    Over the last year we have watched our national politics deteriorate to something that embarrasses us all. In Salida we have seen the vitriol tear our town apart. When I started this campaign I decided to focus my platform on Chaffee County’s issues and real difference between my opponent and myself. Greg Felt and I are both qualified and capable people and we are both good people. If I am lucky enough to win this election I don’t want it to be because I dug up more dirt on my opponents than they did on me. I hope you will look at all the candidates and their platforms and decide which one of us good people can best serve Chaffee County.

    Sincerely, Bill Dvorak

  • Bill

    Very sorry that you were angered by the letter. However, the facts are simply the facts. You have not paid your REQUIRED SHARE of taxes to the government in a timely way. I am not sure about your FAIR share as we did not investigate that issue.

    The violations on the river are voluminous and stand on their own merit, or lack thereof in your case.

    My letter merely summarized these issues.

    To say the least, you run a failing business and play fast and loose with the rules that the rest of us have to abide by......a mere review of any of the documents would certainly indicate that. To say the most, you game the system, have zero regard for appropriate professional behavior and feel you are above any standards that the rest of us have to live with.

    I gave you the chance to drop out of the race and not expose these tax matters, serious river violations and safety concerns for guests of your company. You declined. So there it is for all to see. People can make up their own mind and your rhetoric can blow in the wind.

    You sir, are not the kind of person that the public should trust in governance of Chaffee County.

    Bob Nicolls

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