Endorsement for Bill Dvorak

My name is Sarah Hammond. I have been around the Arkansas Valley for 16 years and have been lucky to own a home in Salida for the past 8 years. I am a boater and an ICU nurse, among other things.

I am endorsing Bill Dvorak for Chaffee County Commissioner. I have worked for and been friends with Bill since 2002. I chose to work for Dvoraks Expeditions and continued to work for Bill over 15 years for several reasons. One, I appreciate the value he places on the outdoors and recreation and the need to preserve it. Bill believes in the ability of a good guide to not only take guests on a safe and fun ride down the river, but to share with them the love he and the people he choses to work for him have for the outdoors. Two, much like Monarch mountain, which I love for its small size, lack of crowds and emphasis on good snow and terrain versus fancy resort amenities; Dvoraks is a small family company that doesn’t take throngs of people down the river, they focus on running quality trips on some of the West’s best rivers. I love that the small trip sizes let the guides connect with the guests and draw them into the magic of the river. Lastly, I am serious about safety and so is Bill. Every one of Dvoraks guides has Swiftwater Rescue certification. Additionally, Dvoraks safety record is outstanding. The AHRA collects vast amounts of data every year and one way they utilize it is to reflect safety by creating a ratio that shows “incidences” (which are defined as an injury that requires the attention of a physician or death) per user days. They compile this information for each outfitter individually and also calculate an average including all the companies in the valley. I did not have time to go to the AHRA office and obtain the exact numbers for this season. However I know that Dvoraks is always 2 times to 4 times the average, which reflects a strong commitment to safety.

Bill is one of the hardest working people I have ever known and I know he will take that work ethic and direct it to making my beloved Chaffee County an even better place. He is experienced at communication and collaboration and he listens to people. The “About Bill Dvorak” section of DvorakforChaffee.com details Bills long history of dedicating his time and effort to making positive changes in Chaffee County. I am happy to endorse Bill Dvorak. Please get out and vote everyone!

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