Trucks Rumbling Through Downtown

We have an office downtown, right on First Street. Every work day, several times an hour, large semis roll by with the name Ary Brothers Trucking on the side. In the five minutes I have been typing this, two of their trucks have gone past.

My questions are: 1) Does anyone know why they are so prolific and are they working on a local project (within city limits)? 2) Why are they driving through downtown, when clearly the truck route goes down Highway 50 and through Poncha Springs?

This seems like an egregious violation of the law. It creates a large amount of noise downtown and produces a lot of wear and tear on our streets, which are not designed to take this kind of heavy traffic. It also seems a lot more dangerous to have so much heavy equipment moving through downtown, which has the highest volume of pedestrian traffic.


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  • Joe, I work at a business on First St. and have noticed the same thing . I couldn't find any information about a truck restriction on 291 and when I called the Salida Public Works dept. they told me that 291 is a designated truck route. It makes a lot of sense to re-route the trucks around our downtown not only for noise and safety reasons but for the horrendous condition of the surface of 1st St. as well. I definitely support pushing for truck restrictions on highway 291 through Salida.

  • All, 291 is a state highway which means it is controlled by CDOT. Any change in its usage must be approved by CDOT. You all may recall the time it took to get a stop light out on 50 in spite of accidents, including deaths. CDOT is relatively glacial in decision making, and has the primary goal of keeping traffic moving. Sometimes they do co-operate with local governments, on specific issues, but it takes time.

  • Well, perhaps in some cases, CDOT is indeed glacially slow, but they sure hopped right on the "screwing up the striping" project on Hwy 50 which cost tens of thousands, and did little more than damage the asphalt and make traffic more dangerous for all users.

    I can't say if it's still there, but there used to be a sign that said something to the effect of local trucks only on Oak st.

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