Bill Dvorak can't tell the truth

Bill made some wild claims in yesterday's article in the Mountain Mail.

First he alleges that I hound the CCVB board and that Monarch receives 80% of CCVB funding. To say the least this is a wildly inaccurate statement. To say the most, it's a bold faced lie.

I have not spoken or communicated with a single CCVB board member (save the Ski Area GM, Randy Stroud for obvious reasons) in two years, since I had an exhaustive review of CCVB expenses two falls ago. That review was undertaken to expose the previous Directors self dealing and poor spending habits, with zero governance or control from the Board at that time. If no contact is considered "hounding", then guilty as charged.

Then Bill claims that Monarch receives 80% of CCVB's budget for advertising of skiing. The budget, a product of Bill Dvoraks lack of attentiveness, does not break out the target seasons to which spending occurs. This is being addressed by other board members, including Randy Stroud. Safe to say this number spent for Winter, not just Monarch, is approximately 30%, which is less than what that period of time brings into the coffers of CCVB. I have never advocated raising the allocation to skiing by more than it should be, simply that the money is well spent for any season.

Bill too complains that I donated 10K to Greg Felt's campaign and hosted a party for him that cost another 3K. Greg Felt is an independent candidate and has no support from any political party whatsoever. This donation was designed to level the playing field for Greg. Lastly, I was explicit in stating that I and Monarch would not ask a single thing of Greg.....that I liked most of his positions and asked he pursue his plan for the County in earnest.

Bill has a serious problem with the truth. His explanations of his tax liens, and River violations and probations would be laughable if not for the seriousness of the issues needing to be dealt with by a County Commissioner.

Greg Felt is the best choice.

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