Greg Felt Addresses Questions on Contributions

Late in the summer, Bob Nicolls made a very generous contribution to my campaign and on September 25th he and Kathy hosted a well-attended party for the campaign at their home in Poncha Springs. The amount of his monetary contribution to the campaign was $10,000. They spent $3,000 for the catering and beverages at the party. There are no contribution limits for county commissioner campaigns in Colorado. Of course, all contributions, both monetary and in-kind, must be reported through the campaign finance division of the Secretary of State’s office. The Nicolls’ contributions were reported on-time, in accordance with state requirements, and with complete transparency. Here is a link to the Secretary of State’s TRACER campaign finance reporting website. Information on campaign contributions for all candidates can be found by entering candidate information into these fields and using the search function. I encourage interested parties to explore it:

Supporters of my opponents are trying to paint my acceptance of the Nicolls’ generosity as some sort of campaign finance malfeasance or ethical failure on my part. It is neither. As an unaffiliated candidate, I have not benefitted from the thousands of dollars of support provided to the other candidates by their political parties. Perhaps more importantly, I have not received the logistical and informational support for my campaign fundraising by the political parties. I did not get mailing lists of party donors, support by association from other candidates, or exposure at party events or through the primaries. This entire campaign was started from scratch. It continues to be a grassroots, independent endeavor. I am very proud of how far it has come.

Individuals contribute to political campaigns according to their financial means and the strength of their convictions. I am keenly aware that there are $100 contributors to my campaign who felt the cost of their sacrifice more deeply than Bob and Kathy felt theirs. But those contributors, like the Nicolls, are certain that I am the best candidate for the job of County Commissioner in District 2. They should consider their contributions to have been matched and reinforced by Bob and Kathy’s generosity. Together, people from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum have joined one another in support of my campaign. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

When I began the campaign in January, I imposed a voluntary campaign contribution limit of $400 per person. However, my opponents did not follow suit. This, coupled with the large political party contributions they received, and the stated desire of many of my supporters to give more than $400, put my campaign at a financial disadvantage. I decided to rescind my voluntary limit and play by the same rules as everyone else.

I am extremely grateful for all of the campaign support I have received, both financial and moral. And I welcome inquiries from the electorate - I can be reached via email at [email protected] or via cell phone at 719-530-1118. For additional factual information about me, my positions on issues, or my thoughts on the future of Chaffee County, please visit I also want to assure those who have supported other candidates that my door and my mind will remain open after the election. I look forward to being the next Chaffee County Commissioner for District 2.


Greg Felt Candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner, District 2

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