Big money may decide the election for county commissioner!

Over the last few weeks a number of letters and articles in the Mountain Mail and here on SC have dealt with the County Commissioners race between Greg Felt and Bill Dvorak. The race had been competitive but mostly friendly until outside involvement by Bob Nicolls. Nicolls changed the tone dramatically, and all the innuendo and character assassinations make it challenging to understand why this is important to our county and not simply another example of lame politics. It's about principles.

Bob Nicolls owns Monarch Ski Area. The Chaffee Co. Visitors Bureau has a half million dollar budget to promote the entire county year round, including Monarch. The County Commissioners appoint the CCVB board members who allocate this half million-dollar budget. Bill Dvorak currently is Chairman of the CCVB Board. Bob Nicolls has clashed with the CCVB over the amount spent to promote Monarch vs the amount spent to promote every other aspect and season of the County. Bob Nicolls applied to be on the CCVB board. Nicolls was not selected to be on the CCVB Board and blames Dvorak, but County administrator Bob Christensen says Nicolls was unreachable for his interview. Bob Nicolls donates $13,000 to Greg Felt’s Campaign for County Commissioner and spends time and money to discredit the integrity of Bill Dvorak. An average donation might be a few hundred dollars, so Nicolls $13,000 donation matters because it creates the appearance of our democracy being bought. Whether Nichols intends to buy his way into controlling the CCVB budget or not we don't know, but it looks like it. With distrust in our government is at an all time high, is this what we want at home? We live somewhere special where we still try to run our local campaigns based on our differences of opinion, not slandering each other. We have the option of establishing local campaign contribution limits. We have an opportunity on November 8th to outright reject this notion. That is why it is a big deal.


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  • FlyFishin Fool,

    You are a fool. Stay on the river today and get some cold feet.

    I guess wanting to have a good, unaffiliated guy and best qualified Commissioner is a bad thing? Unlike Bill Dvorak who continually breaks rules, laws and pisses on people (Yeah, the stories I've heard about this guy would turn a sailors stomach), I want things done the right way.

    Presently, CCVB is a total mess and will get called out again on the 15th. Dvorak is to blame for that. Dvorak kept me from being interviewed for the Board last year. I told them (with 4 days notice) that I was traveling on the day interviews were to be had and to have another date set. No response. This after they "lost" my email application which was sent to Patty Baldwin and all Board members. On the day of the interviews I was called at the conclusion. I was in a meeting and could not respond till 30 minutes later. Dvorak then said "Everyone was Gone" and the interview could not happen.

    Dvorak is slime. Any reasonable person recognizes and understands this. Am I coming for him at CCVB? YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM.

    Bob Nicolls

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