Looking for small retail space in Salida to sell fresh pasta products

Former restaurateur looking for small space where I can make and sell fresh pasta, ravioli, manicotti, lasagna, gluten-free pastas, pestos, sauces, fresh ramen noodles and more. The space needs to be zoned accordingly. Location is less important than a reasonable monthly rent. I just need a cozy little shop, nothing huge. Right now, I'm making pasta at the fabulous Amica's, but I really want my own shop where Salidans can come in and pick up freshly-made pasta by the pound and assorted sauces.. Message me or post suggestions below and thank you in advance! Let's bring fresh pasta (and gluten-free options too) to Salida! I use the best ingredients available and plan to have a tiered-pricing so that locals won't break the bank stopping by my little shop. Yes, it is idealistic, but I think that quality real food at reasonable prices always wins. Thank you! If you have any suggestions, please write to me at: [email protected]

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