See you at the dragon parade- February 4

Hello Citizens,

Just to update that you that Salida students have been busy creating dragons and movement pieces for the best little dragon parade ever on February 4. Just this morning students were elbow deep in paper mache. Discussions about biscuits and pancakes surfaced as they slowed their pace and minds and reveled in the feathery texture...

We hope you can join us for the Chinese New Year dragon parade and community celebration! Saturday, February 4 at Longellow gymnasium **Students from participating schools please arrive by 5:15pm **Students, please wear your lucky red, yellow, or black (any combination and kind of clothing.)

Doors to the community open at 6:00pm

Community, please stay for a festive new year celebration with crafts, multicultural potluck, and music and dancing! **Please bring a multicultural dish to share, and your own dishware, to help save on the paper.

This free event for students and the community is sponsored by Salida Council for the Arts and local businesses.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Thank you!

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