KHEN Interview with Cindy Williams about Envision Chaffee County Survey Results - Fri. Dec. 8 @ 1 pm

On Friday, December 8th at 1 pm, KHEN Board Chair Leslie Matthews will interview Cindy Williams, Project Leader for Envision Chaffee County, about the results of the Envision Chaffee County Survey. To hear the interview, tune in to KHEN 106.9 FM. Following the live interview, the conversation will also be available as a podcast at

Envision Chaffee County is a county-wide community effort to help maintain Chaffee County's natural beauty, special sense of community, and rural landscapes as the county grows and prospers. As part of identifying what the community values, the Envision Core Team conducted a survey. Community engagement in the Envision survey was excellent, with 1,203 total respondents – more than a quarter of whom asked to stay involved in the project.

The survey provides clear quantitative information about what the county’s residents value most and what concerns them as they consider the County’s growth. At the highest level, the survey respondents envision a future where citizens and county/town governments collaborate to create a future Chaffee County that has maintained or enhanced: natural beauty; affordability (especially in housing); friendly small-town culture; rural landscapes and working ranches; exceptional outdoor recreation experiences; healthy, fire-resistant public lands; and a prospering economy.

For more information, please call the KHEN Radio Station at 719-539-1069 or email [email protected]

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