Big-box business methods of reducing their property tax assessments in the U.S.

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This might be a lot of familiar ground, but a lot of topics are covered in this one article: local business vs. big-box, the "dark-store" tactic, and the net gain to the local municipality, if any, of having a large-scale retailer in their midsts.



  • Thanks for sniffing this out Anton. As a local, independent business owner, myself and our employees are grateful for the support we get in Salida and Buena Vista. BV is tougher because of Tractor Supply. I wonder how much they'll drain from BV?

  • All,

    The city of Salida does not have a property tax. This was a result of the 2A, 2B vote back in 2009. Other taxing entities, including the school district, hospital and others do. Ya can't take what ain't there in Salida.

  • This interesting issue seems to illustrate one way in which a sales tax is better than a property tax.

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