Winter hiking/walking in Salida

Hi, my wife and I will be moving to Salida very soon and hike/power-walk at least 6 miles a day. Are the trails accessible in the winter? Does Spiral road ever become snow-packed, or do they clear the road? Thanks for answering our questions. We are looking forward to living in your great community.


  • I'd say dirt paths will more likely be icy if not in direct sun due to snow being trampled. Paved paths should generally be clear.

  • Thank you Coyoteslocos, I appreciate your input. Looking forward to our workouts on the trails in Salida.

  • weatherbe, don't forget you can in the right areas, snowshoe, which uses more energy than power walking. So if the south facing trails dirt trails are icy because of the variable light and temperatures, then any north facing higher altitude slope can be used for super hyper aerobic exercise.

  • Hi Jay, great advice. Thank you! Really appreciate your input. Before deciding to move there, my wife and I checked out the trail system, which included some great power walks up to the top of S Mountain. Wonderful trail system in Salida. Looking forward to living there.

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