Cable TV

Last night I was paying my cable bill and just had two questions. After all the outages last weekend and continuing this week, why is the bill the same as last mounth? When the electric goes ou you don't pay for what you didn't use. I called once to complain because I have cable phone and coulld not call for medical or police help. They told me to get a cell phone. Also I want to know how many outages it takes for someone who is trying to make a living on the phone and internet to get fired? If there is no penalty for the outage where is the incentive to get it fixed or make it more reliable. I need my TV to watch the cable ads that tell me how reliable they are! Can't this be considered false advertisement?


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  • I agree it is false advertising. You can contact the State Public Utility Commission with a complaint. If enough folks do this it may help. Since the Commission is controlled by the utilities, don't expect much. If anyone with a lot of money is angry enough, a class action suit is an option. Also part of the "taxes" on your bill is a fee to the City. As part of the 99% you get scr........

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