County Commissioner election

What do County Commissioner candidate Felt and his $13,000 campaign contributor, a major developer, have in mind for development in Chaffee County? Who was behind the Chaffee County Planning Commission’s urgent push to double allowed residential development density in the rural areas before expiration of terms of two of the current County Commissioners? What caused the 3 Republican Commissioners to earlier this year simultaneously (was their joint appearance at the Clerk’s office along with the Mountain Mail really an accident?) change their voter registration to “Unaffiliated” and climb on the unaffiliated Felt band wagon? Why did a local consultant to the development industry in testimony before the County Commissioners do a turnaround and decide that he no longer advocates for low density in the rural areas but now thinks higher density is good? Why did the publisher of the Mountain Mail climb on board the density train and in an editorial revealing a complete ignorance of the current Land Use Code advocate for the higher density in the rural areas of the County, the same publisher who several years ago noted in an editorial that “..the County Commissioners never saw a subdivision they didn’t like”? What has caused the publisher of the Mountain Mail to abandon his usually solid Republican endorsements to go for unaffiliated Felt?

Conspiracy? Maybe – maybe not. But I’m not interested in finding out what’s behind all this activity so I’m voting for someone who will remain his own man as County Commissioner and work for all of Chaffee’s citizens – Bill Dvorak.

Sig Jaastad Buena Vista


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  • Sig

    Are you a mystery novelist? The intrigue of your post had me on the edge of my seat.

    I think you are misinformed about the nature of my work. I own apartments, but do no development. If I were ever to develop, it would be an affordable project for no profit, a donation in the County to help with housing here.

    I'm not sure about the issues that don't pertain to myself.

    I do agree with you in describing Bill Dvorak as his own man. He clearly is and cares little about the rest of us, rules, regulations or the like. The stories I've heard about this guy could fill a good novel, and I'd certainly like you to write it.

    Go with a guy with the best interest of the County at heart, Greg Felt.

    Thanks for making this afternoon of housework entertaining.

    Bob Nicolls

  • Are you the same Sig that was at the October 11 Commissioners land density public hearing? I don’t think so, because Greg Felt made a compelling statement that was not in support of a blanket density increase.

    You’ve suggested a quid pro quo relationship between Felt and Nichols. That’s a pretty strong accusation. What is your evidence?

    Not sure who you’re asking your potpourri of questions to... maybe just poking around in an attempt to plant seeds, or weeds, in readers’ minds?

    You seem resentful of those who make a decision to not be associated with a political party, but to register as “unaffiliated”. I’ve enjoyed the independence of being an unaffiliated voter for six years now.

    Instead of spending time dreaming of conspiracy theories, perhaps it would be better to question the current political environment, where an unaffiliated candidate can successfully compete against candidates backed by organized parties.

    Have a good evening.

    Cynda Green

  • In this election cycle, it seems painfully obvious why candidates from both sides may choose to distance themselves from the major political parties.

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