Before you can start a discussion or add a comment, you need to create an account.

How to Create an Account

To create an account, select the "Create an Account" button in the right sidebar and complete the form with your username, password, and the answer to the secret question.


You can also create an account using facebook. To do this, just select the facebook icon and follow the instructions.

How to Add a Comment to an Existing Discussion

You must have an account and be signed in to comment.


On any discussion where comments are allowed -- on rare occasions comments may be closed -- you'll see a comment form at the bottom of the page. Add your comment here.

Separate paragraphs with one blank line and add two spaces to the end of a line to create a line break. The body is formatted using markdown (the same as Reddit), so you can use any normal markdown codes.

Choose "Post Comment" to publish your comment.

How to Start a Discussion

Once you've created an account and signed in, you'll see "start a discussion" button at the top of the sidebar and on the home page at the top of the list of discussions. Select "start a discussion" to open the new discussion form.


You'll see three fields: category, title, and text.

  • The category field is a dropdown list of available categories. Choose one that is appropriate for your post.

  • Create a short, descriptive title. For events, include the date of the event in the title. For example: "My musical romance - Fri, Dec 12".

  • For the text, separate paragraphs with one blank line. The text is formatted using markdown (the same as Reddit), so you can use any normal markdown codes. For longer comments, it may be better to write them in a text editor and copy/paste into the comment form.

Complete the fields and choose "post discussion".

How to Add an Image to Your Comment

Images must be saved elsewhere -- Imgur and Photobucket are two common image-hosting sites. To add an image, choose the image icon from the buttons at the top of the text area (from left to right, the buttons are "bold", "italic", "strikethrough", "image", "link", and "quote") and paste the url for your image.

How to Sign up for Email Newsletters

We send posts to the Salida Citizen to subscribers on a daily or weekly basis. To sign up for weekly summaries, add your email address to the form in the sidebar.


To sign up for daily emails, follow the link below the form. You can also get emails from the forum on a per-category basis by adjusting the notification preferences for your account.