Salida Celebrates Successes in 2010

The citizens of Salida have much to celebrate this holiday season. Despite the sluggish economy the City has continued to provide a high level of basic services and to complete a number of exciting projects and improvements around the City in 2010. City staff would like to take a few moments to list some of these projects and remind citizens that this community is still moving forward in a positive direction.


The cost of shredding

Vail and Beaver Creek ski areas will charge $108 for a single-day, walk-up lift ticket during the week after Christmas, passing the much anticipated $100 mark for the first time in resort-industry history.


Thank you from Christo

Thousands of you took the time to write supportive letters to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and others volunteered countless hours over the summer helping to share information about the project. Your support is deeply appreciated by Christo and the entire Over The River team.


Cultivating a new vision for HRRMC’s healing garde

The new design features a more organic approach, with plantings clustered naturally rather than geometrically. Existing plants will be replanted in new groupings and softer, earth-toned mulch will replace some of the rock mulch. This softer mulch brings the added benefit of allowing water to penetrate more easily to allow for plant growth.

Clan of the Thunder Thighs

How big is she?

Have you ever noticed that from the get-go we are introduced by our size? To this day I know that I weighed 7lbs 13oz. This eventually gives way to age, then year in school, and then to profession (“So what do you do?”). Yet none of these aspects of our lives say anything truly meaningful about who we are.


Salida Middle School Safety Issue

Please form a single line for the STUDENT DROP OFF ONLY lane, pulling forward past the crosswalk, making room for more vehicles. Please let students out of and into vehicles only on the sidewalk directly in front of the school.


Monarch getting pounded

The Continental Divide is currently under a serious weather advisory. Be careful out on the roads, help others and please embrace the Christmas spirit by shredding deep powder with loved ones.


Heart of the Rockies Bridal Show

The upcoming Spring Bridal Show will be the perfect experience for any bride planning a Wedding in the Colorado Rockies. Have all your questions answered in a single stop. Participating vendors are local venues, photographers, florists, formal wear, caterers, cakemakers, party rental, DJ and event hosts, hairstylists, wedding officiants and more. The big ballroom drop is back!

Don’t miss your chance to win some great prizes.

If you are planning your Wedding or if you want to get some information for when [...]


City Avoids Budget Shortfall

Earlier this year, we expected a shortfall for 2010. Budget work sessions for 2011 led off with similar concerns. Recently, we discussed how much reserves will increase and future resources will be freed up after final a debt payment next year.


Bipartisan effort to redraw congressional lines

Nonpartisan Legislative Council staff will staff the Joint Select Committee and assist its members in analyzing the data from the Decennial Census. The Joint Select Committee will evaluate proposed maps, seek public feedback, and make recommendations to the General Assembly.


Get Active in 2011

Did you know the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds during the holiday season? There are tricks to avoiding this unwanted gain; don’t go to social engagements on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water, don’t forget those fruits and vegetables, and make time to keep up your physical activity. Resist that after meal nap and opt for a 15 minute walk to stimulate your digestion and to help alleviate that full feeling.


Breathe and remember to have fun this holiday season

Everyone is rushing around, with lots of things to do and the belief that there isn’t enough time for everything. Tempers get short, money flows out at a faster rate, which creates anxiety, to do lists are never-ending and no one seems to be having any fun.

From the City

Headline in Mountain Mail misleading

The headline in the Mountain Mail on Wednesday December 8th was inaccurate and misleading regarding the City’s position on the abatement of the unsafe condition of the Unique Theater.


Warm Dog Project

The dogs at Conour shelter are in dire need. My hope is that together we can raise the funds to ensure that dogs in their care will no longer sleep night after night outdoors in freezing temperatures.


Promoting an open and accountable government

In the interest of promoting an open and accountable government the Chaffee County Republican Central Committee encourages the Chaffee County Commissioners to make information related to expenditures of public funds and government activities readily available and accessible to the residents of Chaffee County.