From the Mayor

Let’s put sunshine into all places in our life

Sunshine Week and all it stands for is a positive thing. Yet, I have found myself brought low by certain aspects of it. We have learned to expect lies and half truths in both the private and public sectors of our lives. I find the tension between marketing and truth painful. I wish we demanded more honesty.


The nuclear elephant in Pueblo

Don Banner proposes a nuclear power plant in Pueblo as the anchor of a clean energy park. You’ve got to give Banner credit for his gumption, considering the crisis in Japan where, currently, three nuclear reactors threaten to melt down. . .


More on “Salida homeowner ordered to remove structure”

I’m writing this letter to provide information that most do not have, and, as your mission statement states, have “opinions based on misinformation”. I’ve followed this from the beginning because I built the building in question. Any points I make can be confirmed by review of the court transcript, filings, petitions, answers, orders, covenants etc.


Guidestone seeks Farmhands Program Assistant

Guidestone’s Farmhands Education Program provides hands-on, experiential farm and nature-based educational opportunities to school groups, custom contract groups, children and families. Farmhands curriculum focuses on nature appreciation, ecological understanding, traditional arts, sustainable agriculture and human health and nutrition.


Electricity rates in Colorado are on the rise

Here’s a look at how average electricity rates have changed in Colorado historically and how they may continue to change in the future. Figures provided by Xcel Energy to the city of Boulder in December.


Geothermal power potential

A $50k study grant was awarded to the City of Salida to conduct thermal gradient testing at the Poncha Springs Hot Springs site.

Siama on Personal Growth


Everyone, no matter who they are, encounters challenges in day-to-day living. What we do with those challenges and how we see and hold them determine the quality of our lives.