INTERVIEW: Grant Pound

Similar to TED or The Idea Festival, Artposium will be held in Salida on memorial Day Weekend. Grant is the Executive Director of The Art Ranch. This event represents the synergy between art and scientific disciplines that provides a new way of thinking on a variety of topics. It is open to the public.

Chaffee County

Rice arrested for Arson

The warrant stemmed from a four month long investigation of a structure fire at Rice’s residence (28295 CR 361 in Buena Vista) that occurred on January 5, 2011.

Siama on Personal Growth

Taking control of your life

If we want to grow a garden we know that it requires certain steps. It just does not happen by itself. Taking control of your life is very much like creating a garden.


Shared use areas – not the best option

I enjoy riding motorcycles and snowmobiles – adrenaline-inducing activities – but I wouldn’t feel right about having a good time at the expense of others who are in the same outdoor rec area. I’d like to consider myself sensitive to everyone’s needs


Local Foods, Local Jobs Act passed Senate

Senate Bill 258, the “Local Foods, Local Jobs Act” will increase the availability of healthy, locally produced food by fostering direct connections between agricultural producers and consumers.


Leadership Class at Salida High School

students learn the leadership and personal development skills that are taught by some of the most influential leaders in the world. During this class, we will practice goal setting/empowerment skills taught by Anthony Robbins; Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution, taught by Marshall Rosenberg; and principles for living taught by the Arbinger Group.