Wadsworth thanks citizens for support

Running for Chaffee County Commissioner allowed me opportunities to meet so many great citizens. Thank you for your encouragement and support! I learned a great deal and will continue to use what I’ve learned in service to you and the county.


Marstons’ work in West persists in land swap

Ed and Betsy Marston are well-acquainted with the characters in the Bear Ranch Land Exchange – big money, government, land, water and the public.The former publisher and editor, respectively, of the High Country News will talk about this story and more at the Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas fund-raiser on Wednesday night at the SteamPlant.

From the City


Street Closures around Sackett will continue through November 16th, 2012. This is directly related to the second phase of the Sackett St. Rehab. Project. The extension to the deadline was given due to extras that were added on to the job.


Councilman Stewart explains home rule

The state Constitution was amended in 1902, 1912, and 1970 to allow cities and towns to become self-governing entities rather than requiring oversight by the state – that is the essence of being Home Rule.


Browns Canyon film showcases wild beauty

Capturing the essence of wild, magical territory takes canny, extraordinary work and a true sense of place. Nathan Ward and Samuel Bricker did just that in their short film “Spirit of Browns Canyon,” recording what can only be felt in this beautiful location.


3A backers share reasons why

Check here for the latest letters supporting 3A, the school bond that would mean new construction of an elementary school.


Best DJ of 2012 at Currents this Friday

DJ Resinate, just voted best DJ of 2012 by The Mountain Mail, brings you “Another Late Night” this Friday at Currents.  The fun begins at 9:45pm.  Drink specials all night.  Come on out and get on the dance

Health and Wellness

Peach cobbler with green chilies, anyone?

The Citizen Team is interested in getting to know you better. We’ll ask occasional questions, covering a spectrum of topics. Some questions will be for fun, some to help us learn how to create or do something, others to get you thinking. Whatever it is, we hope to engage you. The first question concerns local foods we eat in the fall. We’d love to hear from you.


Reggae grooves at Victoria Tavern on Halloween

The Victoria Tavern’s Halloween party is Wednesday night with live music by reggae band Coral Thief. The costume contest has a $100 prize. The fun starts at 8 p.m. Hope to see you all on the dance


Fremont mail-in voter ballot wrong on ID

Fremont County’s mail-in ballot instructions wrongly require all voters to “enclose a photocopy of your ID.” This was a printer’s error, according to the voter registration manager of the Colorado Department of State. Only voters in Fremont County with a purple strip on their ballots need to include acceptable identification.


Get some shock therapy at haunted asylum

The Underground Asylum at the Salida Senior/Community Center moves beyond Halloween kitsch and gore and brings patients into places that can be truly scary and creepy – our minds.

Press Releases

Buy Local benefits Longfellow, businesses

Each year, LPA raises money with gift cards to local businesses to purchase items for Longfellow, such as laptops, smart boards, document cameras, playground equipment and portable stage replacement sections.