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Proposed zoning code changes would remove longstanding citizens’ rights

If you have a non-conforming dwelling structure (one that violates existing setbacks but is allowed to continue) of any type, changes to Footnote 3 of Table 16-D of the new proposed Chapter 16 will take away your longstanding, valuable rights and privileges to rebuild it on its existing footprint.

Creative summit merits attention

It is now 3 weeks till Salida, Colorado’s first designated Creative District, will host the 3rd annual Creative Summit.

Preserving the Arkansas River

The 102-mile stretch from Leadville to Parkdale is easily Colorado’s longest Gold Medal water, and likely one of North America’s top five in terms of contiguous miles. On average, it supports some of the state’s biggest trout and largest stock, at over 170 pounds per acre.

Salida Budget Accountability

I believe the 2011 budget was the last budget produced by the City of Salida that met the GASB standards. Our city officials have now spent $20,000 fighting to defend their right not to publish a budget that meets GASB standards. The Colorado Legislature and the National Governmental Standards Board (GASG) hold the it is essential to the proper functioning of a representative democracy that governing bodies produce clear and detailed budgets, including clear and detailed accounting of prior years. [...]

Rough Road for Ark River EMS

A group of concerned Fremont County residents are holding public meetings in Cotopaxi and Howard to detail their concerns for the state of emergency medical services (EMS) in western Fremont county.

Ski Patrol Fundraiser

A portion of the proceeds raised from this event will be given to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. The CAIC is an organization that provides mountain weather forecasts and evaluates the avalanche conditions around the state.

What’s Stopping Salida From Going Green?

The city of Salida has had the opportunity since February 2013 to become a solar city placing renewable energy systems on pumping stations and buildings. I have watched this process from the beginning.

Salida’s legal costs are exorbitant

The firm of Karp Neu and Hanlon PC is syphoning money out of Salida’s economy and spiriting it back to Glenwood Springs.

Citizen’s Rally for H Street Trees

A letter in response to the City of Salida’s H. street construction master plan.

Save Our Healthy Trees Rally at noon Saturday, February 1st. Gather at the corner of H and Tenth Streets.

Anyone who loves the parkway trees (not just H Street residents). This affects the entire town!

Bring signs and placards demonstrating your support for saving the healthy parkway trees, your friends, and positive loving energy for our trees.

The city council has voted to go forward with the repair of H Street. Included [...]

H Street Construction Controversy

To the residents of Salida from the city.

The City of Salida’s Public Works Department has postponed work on H Street for the removal of marked trees within the parkways on H Street from 3rd to 10th Street.  Several members of the City Council made the request to postpone removal until after their meeting on February 4th.  The work consists of removing 15 trees.

Due to the current flexibility in the Public Works Crew’s schedule and in order to not have to [...]


Dear Editor:

On January 28th, The Mountain Mail reported on page 16 that I suggested dwelling units be limited to 25 feet in height at the January 27 Planning Commission meeting.  That is not exactly what I said.  There was a fair bit of technical discussion last night, so confusion is understandable.

The new and old Salida zoning codes contemplate that single family dwellings up to 35 feet tall might be built on commercial lots already containing commercial structures.  Thirty five feet seems [...]

Environmental Impact of H Street Construction

I am writing to comment on the storm-water drainage plan associated with the rebuilding of H Street. I attended the Public Meeting January 9th about the H Street Project because I was concerned about comments from Public Works Director Bob Salmi that the storm-water drainage from H Street would be routed into “that ditch by Safeway.”

Drones Down | Update

New information on ‘Drones Down,” from Alison Brown.

These are good links addressing the ongoing discussion on privacy and the rules issued by the FAA to date to assure privacy is protected when using UAVs.

And this link has a good summary of the existing privacy legislation that is already in place that applies to drones, as well as a discussion on recent additional legislation (Federal and State) being worked for UAV operations.

You can read the original letter from Jimmy Descant below. [...]

Theater Arts program at SHS?

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to read, in Elise Backinger’s November 21 letter to the Mountain Mail, that there are no theater or drama classes offered at Salida High School.

Salida, a designated Colorado Creative District, is home to a cacophony of visual and performing artists — presumably creating creative children.  It is also home to a high school that doesn’t offer theater arts classes as part of their curriculum.

It’s almost embarrassing.

Salida High School has band class, chorus class, and art class.  But no [...]

Hospital should manage EMS

Paul Jensen and Larry Kier advocate for the transfer of Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services operations to the Salida Hospital District/Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center.

The sky is the limit

It has been an honor and privilege to be Mayor of Salida, and I am proud to have held the job. So thank you!

More Salida budget questions

The city has scheduled approval of the 2014 budget for Tuesday, November 5. Council will take comments and objections, yet the approval resolution is already written and approval seems pre-ordained.

Pumpkin Patch Thank You

On behalf of Guidestone’s Staff and Board of Directors, we would like to extend a resounding thank you to everyone in the community who participated in our 7th Annual Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival, held again this year at the Hutchinson Ranch. It was a wonderful weekend of festivities and we are grateful to all the attendees, volunteers, sponsors and partners that helped make the weekend a success!

Jeff Auxier Lawsuit re: City Budget

I recently brought suit against the city to compel compliance with the Local Government Budget Law. The suit follows prior written requests for compliance. The City has not properly detailed budgeted General Fund expenditures of $4.5 million in 2012, $4.8 million in 2013, and $5.08 million in 2014. Nor have they provided required year over year comparisons.