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Lori Mitchell is the clear choice

As a sports professional Mitchell demonstrated her ability to persevere. As an entrepreneur, Mitchell gained the experience necessary to manage people, provide customers with excellent service, and control expenses.

Eyeball benefit, Benson’s – Sun @ 1pm

How I can I write this while sitting down? While not crying? While being indoors instead of outdoors in the sun, or on the road I love like my friend and colleague Mark “EyeBall” Kneeskern, “The Last American HitchHiker” as he was known… and known by so many names and aspects?

Reader supports Lori Mitchell for County Clerk

I am writing to encourage everyone’s support for Lori Mitchell who is running for Chaffee County Clerk. I have known Lori for over 40 years. She and I went to high school and college together.

Friday enrichment returns for the school year

Remember that the Salida Rec department has youth scholarships, supported by donations from High Country Bank, for any Friday activity operated through the Rec department.

Thanks from the Pro Challenge committee

The dust has cleared, the riders have sprinted away, and our local organizing committee is wrapping up our time as a host for the Monarch Mountain Stage Finish of the USA Pro Challenge. It was an incredible week of racing, and Chaffee County and Salida shone on national television like no other stage (literally…we were one of the only sunny stages!)

Court quashes unconstitutional power grabs

Perhaps your readers missed this. Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court handed down two decisions related to unconstitutional power grabs – one by the EPA; the other by the President.

Which political party represents your view?

Although we will not choose a new president in this election, we will make important choices: a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Representative, the Colorado Governor and several other state-level officials, a Colorado Senator, and a Colorado Representative, to name a few.

Browns Canyon expedition to help veterans

Programs like this matter more than you might imagine. According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs the suicide rate among veterans is 22 per day and countless others struggle with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder, lives upset by multiple deployments, financial difficulties and delayed benefits. Veterans have a long history of helping our own and this program is a good example of vets helping vets.

Voters should re-elect Potts

Commissioner Potts is not an ideologue. He understands that his duty is to serve the entire community, not just those who might vote for him.

Colorado’s ethical statutes exist for a reason

Yerkey, Baker, Hanlon and MacDonald should consider very carefully what they seem about to do, the trouble and discord to which they expose the city in their “behind the scenes” secrecy and enthusiasm for the NRCDC, and the further potential financial liabilities they may impose upon the city by rash and illegal action.

Creative Summit, now Artwalk!

Thank you to staff for an amazing production of the Summit, it came together well. But the job isn’t over.

LiveWell thanks community for HM4K fundraiser

Thanks to the generous support of our community including Amicas, Boathouse Cantina, Moonlight Pizza and Café Dawn, our spring dine out event raised $3,388! These funds will be used to assist with preparation and assembling of healthy meals, free of charge to kids in Chaffee County.

Free grant coaching for historic preservation

Love a historic property? Need a grant to help preserve it? Join Outreach Specialists from the History Colorado State Historical Fund (SHF) for a Community Roundtable on Thursday, June 5 at 10 a.m. at the Coaldale Community Building.

Friday Enrichment – that’s a wrap!

The elementary school will be let out a day earlier than the rest of the District due to the Longfellow construction. To fill this gap, Salida Recreation, in partnership with CSU Extension Office, 4H, Salida School Garden, Boys and Girls Club, and Amicas Pizza, will be offering a two-day pre-summer camp on Thursday, May 29th and Friday, May 30th.

Mayor extends CCI thanks

Salida has proven to be a great host and site for conferences and events of this size. I am optimistic to see more of these types of events here in Salida in the future.