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Recycling – proximity motivates people

If there is a recycling bin near a trash receptacle, they will recycle instead. But if it is not convenient, then the recycling ends up in the trash.

Mountains disappear in Salida

I’ve just viewed the controversial so called “mountain of a house” on Sackett St. in Salida. The distress over this big new box of a duplex is typical of what’s being felt in older neighborhoods across the state.

Senator Gail Schwartz in Salida

Hey, we did it!  Got the best State Senator in Colorado re-elected.  Shouldn’t have even been close, but it was that kind of crazy year.

Join Gail on Tuesday evening to celebrate her re-election and also that with 3A’s passage, her B.E.S.T. legislation will help build a new High School in Salida.

Snacks and a cash bar will be available; no RSVP is necessary.

Gail in

Zoning in the Salida Municipal Planning Area

The Salida Regional Planning Commission will host a public hearing on Wednesday, November 17th at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the zoning around Salida. The hearing will be held in the City Council Chambers at the Touber Building at 448 E. 1st Street and anyone is welcome to attend and comment on the proposed zoning. The Regional Planning Commission will then forward their recommendations to the County for zoning around Salida.

To rent or to buy?

The third article in a series. Ownership is often described as the ladder to the American Dream. As a renter, it’s hard to even get on the ladder, unless you are saving money and investing it so that you earn interest and your wealth grows over time.

Best of Salida Bash

Best of Salida, LLC invites the community to the Best of Salida Bash, Friday, November 26 from 4-6pm.

Mountain of a house

I invite you to come to the 400 block of West Sackett Street and see the valley’s newest mountain. Of course, it is a handmade mountain of a house. The developer building such a monstrosity also has eliminated almost all yard.