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Moving From Confusion to Clarity

I hit a spell recently when I was feeling lots of confusion. I felt confused about almost everything having to do with me, my life and how I was living it. Feelings of fear and wonder associated with self-doubt, my judgments about my abilities to navigate the world, my inability to feel connected to myself and to know what to do about breaking out of the eddy I seemed to be living in.

Emotions, how they control our lives

What are emotions? When I was in India a guru told me that, “Emotions are reactions to fields of energy.” I didn’t really understand it fully then, but the more I thought about it and observed it in myself and others, the more I came to realize the truth of what he said.

Moving and Changing

Even though we may look forward to and be excited about the change, it does not necessarily mean that it will be easy. You can always count on the unexpected happening.


Everyone, no matter who they are, encounters challenges in day-to-day living. What we do with those challenges and how we see and hold them determine the quality of our lives.

Life Goals

Having goals to focus on is important. Frequently I ask my clients to write down their goals and put the list up in places where they can see them several times a day – the bathroom mirror, the car, the fridge etc. Visualizing your goals is also an empowered way to achieve them.

Being who you are

When we learn to love, appreciate, cherish and respect ourselves and satisfy the needs we have, we no longer need to search for that in someone else. A kind of peace and harmony with all things comes into being.

The nature and gifts of life coaching

Sometimes we have no idea about our inner strengths and we put up with situations because we don’t know what to do about it. Making changes is often frightening, until we discover the nature of our fear. Life coaching creates a relationship that supports and empowers change.

The nature of fear

In many circumstances healthy fear is essential for the survival of the body. It is a warning that something needs your immediate attention. All the other fear that we generally experience is mentally generated.

Silencing the Inner Critic

We mistakenly think that if we were richer, thinner, more talented, smarter, more successful, could do more, then our lives would be better. All of these voices make us feel bad about ourselves and hopeless about our dreams – if we still have any.


But what does it really mean to be free? Can a person living in a jail cell be freer than a person who is not?

Accessing Our Creativity

Most of the time we associate creativity with painters, writers, inventors, musicians, choreographers etc. We think that it belongs in the realm of artists of one kind or another. We go to a concert or a movie and if it’s good we frequently feel energized or altered in some way.  Artistry of all kinds has the ability to move us and impact our emotions and sometimes, even our lives. What is it that makes that happen?

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