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What Happened To Summer?

It comes as a shock to realize that in a few short weeks, the mountainsides will be swathed with orange and gold. A subtle shift will have taken place in the tilt of the earth and in the tint of blue in the sky, and we will suddenly realize that summer, once again, has snuck by while we were busy making plans about how to spend it.

Remind me again why I do this?

“For the last hour or so, I’ve thought of many things, but I can’t remember a single one.” Bill was slowly turning circles on the county road, while I leaned over my handle bars, feet unclipped from my pedals, gasping like a fish too long out of water. I nodded agreement. We’d reached the far out of our ride, an eight mile climb from town, and it was time to turn around and head back down. I drained the last [...]

Saturday, October 13 – 10:00am: ShinDig Volunteer Day

This month’s trail work day on the Little Rainbow Extension will be a bit different with longer hours and hopefully more fun – really! Join us Saturday, October 13 from 10AM – 4PM. Note the revised start/finish times. For this longer trail work day, Kona Bikes and Absolute Bikes are sponsoring this event with lunch, a BBQ afterwards, a movie, and some cool door prizes! We really need a big turnout to hopefully get a substantial amount of the remaining [...]

Saturday, August 11 – 9:00am: ShinDig Volunteer Work Day

Our work on the Little Rainbow extension continues as we are making awesome progress on this new trail!  We are over half done and expect to finish in the next 1-2 months if we can continue to get good volunteer turnout!

Meet at the County Road 110 parking area at the west trailhead of the Little Rainbow Trail, 2.3 miles south on CR110 from Highway 50.  Drive just south from the trailhead toward the power lines to the larger parking area [...]

Commissioners Should Provide Written Explanation of Decisions

I haven’t been to any of the hearings on expanding OHV travel to county roads but it is obviously a heated issue. I have read staff’s report as well as reports from local media. By all accounts, it appears the majority’s arguments in opposition are falling on deaf ears of the three men whose votes will settle the debate.
If the commissioners won’t listen to the recommendation of their own professional staff, local recreation and land use experts, and the overwhelming [...]