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Ask not what your community can do for you…

I would like to congratulate Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center for their well publicized and open hospital board election. The quality of the candidates is one of the positive results of such an open process. Charlie Forester and Marilyn Bouldin will be great board members largely due to the different perspectives and experiences they will bring to their duties.

Water rate increase – sympathy, causes and opinion

a Salida resident, who has lived here for twenty years, expressed her concern that the rise in water rates would create a situation where she and her husband might have to leave the City. Her request was that the City of Salida does not raise water rates. She continued to say that with increased property taxes and health expenses, life in our town is simply becoming too expensive.

Let’s put sunshine into all places in our life

Sunshine Week and all it stands for is a positive thing. Yet, I have found myself brought low by certain aspects of it. We have learned to expect lies and half truths in both the private and public sectors of our lives. I find the tension between marketing and truth painful. I wish we demanded more honesty.

It all comes down to revenue

Government is here to serve. But it all comes down to revenue. As revenue diminishes our expectations of what all governments can do should also diminish. Now is the time to consider what are the core services Salida should provide and how we, the citizens, are willing to pay for them.

Let us agree to disagree

“let us agree to disagree and then move on”. This set the tone for active debate and whether we lost or won the vote, the desire to move to the next topic without holding grudges, while seeking solutions for the greater good remained the focus. Councilman Damman often starts his statements of dissent by using the lead in of, “With all due respect”.

Look beyond the white noise

We are at the end of an election cycle. The content of the ads and the coverage have little to do with what the candidates vision is for our county, state and country. The commercials rarely provide a coherent statement from their candidate.

3A, 60, 61 and 101

The real question I ask myself before voting this November is do 3A, 60, 61 and 101 offer me an opportunity to act towards others in a way I would like others to act towards me?

Never take counsel of your fears

Stonewall Jackson’s comment reminds us that fear is not a quality basis for decisions. As members of the community we all pitch in a bit of money understanding that as a group we can create services that we cannot afford by acting alone.

From Mayor Chuck

When we pay taxes we get something. It might not be seen as a directly benefiting that particular taxpayer. But the pool of money that is created should go to necessary projects that are for the greater good.

From Mayor Chuck

Friday, April 30th is the Grand Opening of The Touber Building.  The festivities start at 2:00 PM.  Everyone is invited.  The remodeling of the the old Hospital is complete and Chaffee County Health and Social Services are open for business.  Salida’s City Hall is mostly housed in the older wing of the building that was built in 1900.  There will be tours of the new facility so we can all appreciate the transformation.

The Grand [...]

Like Mountain Guides

If the the staff of the City of Salida do not have the knowledge or experience to plan and move a project forward, they hire people who have the necessary credentials to do what staff cannot.