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The lure of socialism

It’s ironic that in our time of need, Americans turn not to the freedom and hard work that made this country great, but to socialism and its promises of wealth plundered from their neighbor and redistributed as elitist politicians see fit to reward their cronies.

Mallett opposed fly fishing tournament, tourism

David Pehle, Executive Director of the international fly fishing tournament The America Cup, writes to say that Jerry Mallett effectively prevented the tournament from being held in Chaffee County, forcing a last-minute relocation of the successful event to Frisco.

Mike Harvey explains the UP Trail project

Mike Harvey of Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) gives a synopsis of the UP Trail project, which would route bicycle and pedestrian traffic between Salida and S Mountain through a developed culvert and establish a trail extending both upstream and down from F Street in order to mitigate trespassing issues and improve the experience for recreational users. Presented to the Salida City Council on October 6, 2008.

Monarch opposes Salida occupancy tax proposal

Bob Nicolls of Monarch Mountain argues first, that the $4.82 per room-night lodging tax proposed by the city of Salida will result in fewer visitors staying in Salida, and second, that the cost of community projects should be shouldered by the community, not out-of-town visitors.

Citizen creates property tax calculator

To help inform local residents of the impacts of ballot measures introduced by the school and city, the Salida Citizen has created an online educational tool to calculate possible property tax changes given the assessed value of a property.

Chaffee County Commissioner introductions

A brief introduction to the candidates for Chaffee County Commissioner, including Republican Dennis Giese and Democrat Susan Bristol in District 1 and incumbent Democrat Jerry Mallett and Republican Frank Holman in District 2.