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Thursday nights Creative Mixer opens art show

The Salida Council for the Arts, formerly Salida ArtWorks, is pleased to present a very special “Creative Mixer” at the SteamPlant Paquette Gallery on Thursday, November 14 starting at 5:30pm.

Salida Voters, Please Say ‘NO’ on May 7

The longer a “good person” serves on the same government board, the stronger their tendency to lose touch with the voters. This leads to self-serving and bureaucracy-serving agendas — as we have now clearly seen demonstrated in the current board’s selection of ballot language….

Pottery Classes in Salida

Greetings Clay Lovers! The Maverick Potter is pleased to announce our line up of Fall classes, set to begin the week of September 24…

Kids Clay Club
Saturday 11 to 1pm. $15 per class or pay for 4 classes for $50. This is a drop in class where we do a different clay project every week. This is on going throughout the year. Kids of all ages are welcome, however 6 and under require adult supervision. Drop [...]

The OHV Decision, Part Six

“Yes. In that area — I’m not sure if it’s a designated parking area — in fact, I’m very sure it’s NOT a designated parking area, but it’s been used as a parking and camping area for as long as I’ve lived in this area…”

The OHV Decision, Part Four

Unlike automobiles — which require expensive and constantly-maintained roads — OHVs and motorcycles can ride over almost any reasonably passable terrain, road or no road. In this regard, an OHV is more closely related to a horse or a mountain bike than it is to an automobile…

OHV Hearing Video, July 7, 2012

About 75 people — both residents and non-residents — offered testimony at a hearing conducted by Chaffee County commissioners Frank Holman, Dennis Griese, and Dave Potts on Saturday, July 7…

The OHV Decision, Part One

One might think that a month of public hearings and a comprehensive, 33-page report would have led the three Chaffee County commissioners to make some reasonable decisions about OHV use on public roads…