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“Riders on the Orphan Train” presented by BV Heritage

Buena Vista Heritage presents “Riders on the Orphan Train” on Sunday, August 5 at 3:00 PM. The program will be at the Buena Vista Heritage Museum, 506 East Main.
The one-hour multi-media presentation tells the story of the 250,000 orphans and unwanted children who, between 1854 to 1929, were put on trains in New York, sent all over the United States, and given away.

An evening with Ed Quillen

Did you ever wonder how the rivalry started between the north and south ends of Chaffee County? It wasn’t without a fight that Granite gave up the county records to Buena Vista in 1880 and bad feeling erupted again 1928 when voters approved moving the records to the new County Seat in Salida.

Remembering our indigenous souls

Many whom I meet are seeking that which seems lost. That intimate part of our soul that tells us that the world is out of balance within us and around us. I call this missing piece our indigenous soul.

Clay Jenkinson returns to Salida

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, paid a campaign visit to Salida September 27, 1900, as governor of New York seeking the vice presidency to which he was elected about two months later. September 25, 2010 two days short of 110 years later “Roosevelt” will return to visit with Salidans

Deadline for Unique Theater

The deadline the City of Salida set for the current owner of the Unique Theater to correct violations for health and safety is this Monday, August 30.
After Monday the Salida City Council will have to decide whether to spend City money on one of the following alternatives:

Historic Salida, Inc. works towards saving the Unique

An alternative scenario is needed that would provide for stabilizing the entire building and addressing the maintenance code issues, to see how it would measure up against the existing demolition estimates.

A history runs through it

FIBArk’s 62nd year continues the rich and fascinating history of the whitewater festival. Whether the idea started as a result of idle talk over coffee by a group of Salida businessmen, or as a dare for bragging rights by boaters over beer, word of the Arkansas River Race challenge went mouth to mouth and people became interested.

Happenings at the Hutchinson Homestead

This has been an exciting year for the Hutchinson Homestead Ranch and Learning Center. Donated by Dr. Wendell Hutchinson, this 1860s homestead site will become a museum that celebrates the history of high country ranching and a facility that fosters agricultural education.