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From the sculptors of Salida, we the undersigned do proclaim:

After working so hard through channels to get public art sanctioned, chosen, and installed this year, we the artists with large scale installation experience and potentials got a lump of coal in our stockings from the City Council, and especially pointedly from City staff Dara McDonald and Michael Varnum.

Kay Litz displays mixed-media pieces at HRRMC

Litz draws inspiration from her natural surroundings and the arts and crafts of the native people of the American West and Southwest. She spent several years in Colombia as a child and also refers to clothing and decorative items purchased by her family during that time for artistic inspiration.

Salida to host Creative Communities event

The theme of this year’s Summit is “Creative Convergence” which focuses around the concept of collective impact. It will explore ways to coordinate effort and work toward the common result of building a strong and vibrant creative community in Colorado.

Call for artists ASAP

Thanks for these calls for artists and opportunities, and make sure the Creatives get the knowledge and benefit of such calls. Appreciate this, but deadlines coming, make sure locals know and get in on it on time. Thanks, and all Calls can be seen at the bottom of the official site page:

*Welcome Bag construction, 300 x $3 each, deadline Feb 17
*Catering call, budget $15,500, deadline Feb 28
*Inclusion of art in the welcome bags, free by donation, [...]

Creative District News

In an effort to spark more interest in the Creative Arts District, I have taken it upon myself to rally all the Salida creatives and make take the first step getting artists and all other creative businesses registered and ‘exposed’ on our site.

We started with just 6 and now we’re at 18! Let’s get to 100!!! Go to our website:  - click “JOIN” and add your info and upload your unique pics!

Thanks, Jimmy Descant, the Rocketman, but not

Been, Ortman paint for Land Trust fundraiser

The Salida artists are partnering for a show benefiting the Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas on Sat., Dec. 14, 6 to 9 p.m., at the Palace Hotel. One hundred miniature paintings from every season will be offered for $100, with 30 percent of proceeds going to the Land Trust. Larger paintings can be purchased through a silent auction. “We’re bringing in potential collectors, seeing the valley through our vision,” Been said.

Thursday nights Creative Mixer opens art show

The Salida Council for the Arts, formerly Salida ArtWorks, is pleased to present a very special “Creative Mixer” at the SteamPlant Paquette Gallery on Thursday, November 14 starting at 5:30pm.

Jimmy Descant opening reception at the Leon Gallery, Denver

Jimmy Descant will use sculpture and photography to honor the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination (Nov. 22, 2013) with assemblage/collage applied in my style of no welding, all bolted or screwed together to create his Western vision and commentary of what White Man has done to Native Americans as well as our best leaders, visionaries, and their positive potentials in the use of violence to change history; as a comparison.

Salida Studio tours Sept 7-8

The Salida Studio Tour is a bi-annual event showcasing many of Salida Colorado’s fine artists and craftspeople. Watch the artists at work, visit their personal studios, and feel free to purchase their creations. Paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolors, encaustics, drawings, mixed media, collage. Pottery and sculpture, turned wood, and fiber.