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Questions regarding open space process

At December 18, 2013 council meeting, Councilwoman Hallett voted against Ordinance 2013-31 approving purchase of the 80-acre Lowry parcel for open space and “other purposes.”

Why Salida’s Pay Plan is Good

One of the issues that was raised at a recent council meeting was the City’s Pay Plan, the approach that has been developed to fairly compensate City staff. There was quite a kerfuffle over the amount in the bonus or merit pay category.

Time to get out of your comfort zone

Only 3 days remain to vote and the future of Salida is at hand. Maybe you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, “tuning out” all the newspaper letters, the yard signs and advertisements. Just taking care of day to day matters. Well, it will all come to pass in just 4 days, whether you get in the game or not.  This is a mail in election and you need to act NOW.

The stakes are high and turnout has been curiously low [...]

From Mayor Don; Water and Sewer Economics

Much has been said lately about the city water and sewer rates, and it is a hot-button topic for the upcoming election. Historically, Salida’s utility rates have been among the lowest in the state. But to have one of the lowest rates in the state does not allow for regular maintenance and repairs of the infrastructure, which is evident in the current state of the water and sewer infrastructure.

Hot Springs Aquatic Center closure scheduled for Friday, May 31

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center will close Friday, May 31, at 5:00 p.m. The closure is due to unforeseen circumstances and a mechanical issue that requires immediate repair. The Aquatic Center maintenance staff will work through the weekend to remedy the problem. The pool is slated to re-open Tuesday, June 4, at 6 a.m.

City signs lease with Union Pacific for parking area

The parking lot on Union Pacific Railroad property at the end of F Street is expected to be open for use by Memorial Day weekend. Approximately 60 parking spaces will be available, including four to five over-sized lots. Planned improvements to the lot include additional fencing and installation of parking blocks.

Dedicated street parking for bikes!

New bike racks were installed in front of Currents restaurant this week. Artist designed racks will replace these racks at a later date. Vehicle drivers will also get additional parking…

Councilman Stewart explains home rule

The state Constitution was amended in 1902, 1912, and 1970 to allow cities and towns to become self-governing entities rather than requiring oversight by the state – that is the essence of being Home Rule.

Salida Hot Springs Pool will be closed Sunday, May 13…sorry

The Salida Hot Springs Pool will not be open Sunday, May 13, 2012 as planned. Theresa Casey, Salida Recreation Director, said the snow on Monday set the pool staff behind as well as an unplanned valve replacement that took several days to replace. Casey said staff has not begun to fill the pools, which takes two days to fill, regulate the temperature and ensure chemicals are balanced.

“The crew here worked very hard,” Casey said, “to try and make the deadline, [...]