Open letter to Doug Lamborn

I wrote the letter below to Doug Lamborn in response to what I found to be a particularly divisive and condescending attempt at getting votes. Upon reflection, the thing that really bothers me the most about this little propaganda piece is that it really insults the intelligence of the voters. Worse still, our taxpayer dollars funded it.

Isn’t it time for those in political office to stop the charade? Most of us feel that those in power seem to be only concerned with one thing: their own power and protecting that power (is that two things?). Be it loyalty to their party or just to their own gravy train, they only look out for themselves. Perhaps we should enact a law that those in Washington can only serve one term (maybe 4-6 years) and then never be able to serve a again. A nice cap on that policy might be to prohibit them from becoming lobbyists or consultants in any capacity which might draw upon their previous experience in politics. The idea would be to ensure that those we elect are there to serve the people, instead of their party or their own self interest. Our current political system is completely polluted by money and greed. It is a sad day when huge corporations are spending more money on lobbyists than they pay in taxes. But of course, we can’t tax those poor corporations (people) any more. They may get angry and not create the jobs our country needs to thrive.

Hi Doug,

I just received a mailing from your office and would like to express my opinion on a couple of subjects. I noticed that the mailing was “prepared, paid for and published at taxpayer expense.” Because my money has funded this piece of literature, I feel that I should have a say as to what is printed in the future. Sadly, I likely will not.

First of all, as a voter whose district you represent, I am quite unhappy with your decision to not attend the recent State of the Union Address. Your behavior seems childish and divisive. As my representative, I expect you, at the very least, to be involved in a dialogue with both sides. It seems obvious to me, but I will note that even if the majority of your constituents might be of a certain political bent, remember that a large number of individuals may not be. It is your duty to represent ALL of those in your district, not just those with whom you agree. Politics should be about what is best for all the people, not necessarily the majority.

Regarding your recent mailing, I immediately see a couple of glaring examples of hypocrisy. You claim that “we must cut unnecessary government spending” on the one hand. Yet you devote a large amount of space to not cutting our defense spending. You also state, “Government does not create jobs.” On the back of that page, you claim that reductions in military spending will cost one million jobs. Which side of your argument is true and which is a lie? Twisting the same facts to suit your desired argument is ridiculous and insulting to voters.

Until the forces of another country are at our border, I do not feel it is our responsibility to defend ourselves. Sending our troops to places like Iraq and Afghanistan is a ridiculous waste of lives and money in the name of politics and patriotism. If anything, I feel that the recent military actions of our country have made us even more of a target for our enemies. Instead of spending hundreds of billions (or trillions) of dollars on wars in far flung locations, I would much rather those funds be used to provide valuable services to those in our own country.

How many jobs could be created building new infrastructure with the trillions of dollars that politicians vote to send to overseas conflicts? As a benefit, we would have that improved infrastructure for years to come. Money spent on conflict primarily fattens the wallets of other countries and large government contractors. Countless millions of dollars were squandered in Iraq, without officials even knowing where it went. If you claim to be for cutting wasteful spending, that would be an excellent place to start.

Perhaps we could bring our troops home and keep them here. Perhaps we could use some of the savings to provide job training and education to them (and others) so that they could find rewarding work outside the military after their service. How many people could receive health care with those same trillions of dollars? Our country provides government subsidized health care to its veterans. Why shouldn’t the rest of the country be entitled to some health care benefit as well? It seems that most people would agree that Medicare and veteran’s health care is a good thing. Are the rest of the people not entitled to the same benefits?

I understand that your district includes an area which is very heavily supported by military funding. I understand that those voters support more military spending. It is natural for voters to want what directly benefits them, in the same way that those on welfare would vote for more welfare benefits. However, it would be far more patriotic for those people to do what is right, even if it means giving up some of the things which directly benefit them.

I believe it is especially important for those in political office to also do what is right for the greater good. Watching and listening to the incredible level of divisive politics in our country sickens me. I am not an affiliated voter. I am conservative in some ways and liberal in others. But I must say that the level of vitriol that comes out of the mouths of most Republicans these days sickens me. Sadly, you as my own representative in Congress seem to be one of the worst offenders. It seems that the only Republican agenda is to win the White House and control of the country, so that the will of the party can be imposed upon everyone.

Wouldn’t our country be a better place if those who make the decisions thought of what is best for the country as a whole and not what is best for their own self interest? Is it possible for YOU to be an example?

Thank you,

Joe Judd


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21 Responses to “Open letter to Doug Lamborn”

  1. Bill Smith

    I couldn't agree more. It is too bad Chaffee County did not get moved to a more appropriate congressional district. Although, that would not have changed Doug Lamborn's ridiculous behavior.

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  2. Arden Trewartha

    Way to go Joe! I too was disheartened to see Mr. Lamborn not attend the State of the Union Address ~ what a terrible message to send to our kids about working through differences of opinion. Again, thank you for giving voice to the frustrations many of us are feeling about Congressman Lamborn.

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  3. Bill Donavan

    A note from my dad, 60 years as a (socially liberal) Republican who turned independent in his late seventies:

    "All elected officials should have to wear coveralls like race car drivers that show who their corporate sponsors are. All votes should then be filmed and televised as each individual has to stand up as he/she votes making his vote public and clearly showing who his "sponsors" are. Pacs, of course need to be outlawed."

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  4. Jan Sebastian

    I post his send out crap on a phone post with a sign that says (this is the way he spends tax payer money)

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  5. Suzy Patterson

    Very well said, Joe--you articulated my opinion perfectly. Rep. Doug Lamebrain is an embarrassment to Colorado--and an affront to thinking people everywhere. But what bothers me even more than his lies and doublespeak (e.g., "Government does not create jobs" but "reductions in military spending will cost one million jobs") is that so many voters eagerly swallow all of it whole, without ever questioning the logic or reality--simply because Lamborn shares their anti-Black-President paranoia. This kind of blind, unquestioning acceptance is exactly how a maniac like Hitler was able to persuade an entire country to commit barbaric acts of wholesale insanity.

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  6. Terry

    I've been getting those shiney postcards over the years AND IN DUPLICATE. That comes to four for a two person household. What a waste! Thanks Joe.

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  7. juane tobascofish

    Please share the Honorable Congressman's response with us when (and big IF) you get it.

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  8. Nick

    One obvious element seems to emulate, from my opinion. The end is near for Mr. Lamborn. Look no further than
    It's inevitable Dougy... Resign, safe face...

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  9. Mark

    Well said joe! Thank you for sharing, Lamborn is a GOP puppet and that agenda is detrimental to our country, wrap an American flag around the bloody bodies of wasteful government and call it freedom; I'm glad more people see through the lies.

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  10. Steve Edman

    Have you read Rep Lamborn's (and other GOP reps) letter to Obama regarding Keystone? In it they fail to state why TransCanada NEEDS the government's power to condemn land through Eminent Domain rather than pay landowners fair market value for the use of their land. In other words, our "anti-Big Government" "pro free market" Lamborn and his cohorts desperately support a Big Government confiscatory partnership with the oil industry.

    link to letter letter

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  11. Lee Hunnicutt

    Thank you Joe for speaking for so many of in Chaffee county. Lamborn represents his cronies, and does not pretend to care about those who do not share his views. His absence from the STOU speech was an embarrassment almost equal to his "tar baby" remark. Is there no sense of decency and fairness left in Congress? I wish we could get on board with Bill's Dad and dress congress up with the logos of every donor, logo size relative to size of donation, then cross check every vote and see how much any of them represent "we the people"

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  12. Robert

    Great article, couldn't agree more with the hypocrisy and lack of representation of Doug Lamborn.

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  13. Dale R

    What's the issue w/ Lamborn communicating with his constituents on a different medium?

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  14. mike

    Nice letter, well presented. The one issue I have concerns your comment about health care for veterans. My thought is that they have earned that priveledge thru service - to protect our rights and freedoms here, wether or not you agree with where or how that is accomplished. The key word, to me, is earned thru work and dedication. Entitlement is a very sticky word, and where does it end?

    The most disgusting part of this whole mess is that the vitriol and nosense exists on both sides of the aisle. No one appears to be immune, just shaded a bit by which pair of glasses you look thru.

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  15. Joe Judd

    I agree on both counts, MIke. The nonsense does come from both sides of the political aisle. It would be a far better country if our representatives in Washington looked out for the good of the people first and foremost.

    Secondly, our veterans have certainly earned their right to health care. My point was more to the fact that the government seems to do a reasonable job of providing this care to our veterans. So why couldn't such a program provide that same care to those who have none, or have very little care. I wouldn't expect that care to come for free. I think entitlement has sent many of our institutions into financial ruin, from governments to big business.

    I would be willing to pay a small amount in additional taxes for rudimentary health care for all, including my own family. The amount required for an individual to be covered by any kind of decent health insurance through an insurance company is outrageous. Furthermore, because insurers are in business to make a profit, they generally do anything within their power to deny paying benefits. A not-for-profit model could use premium money much more efficiently, without worrying about paying bigger dividends to stock holders. As a long time self employed individual, I am quite familiar with the current health care insurance model.

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  16. MIke

    Joe....nice responce, and I agree again with most. But the federal government has shown time and time again that it can not manage our money. It hasen't been able to keep the checkbook seperate from the savings. It isn't a very wise, concientious shopper. And there are so many 'middlemen' reaching into the bag, that it makes absolutely no sense volunteering extra taxes! Why pledge extra $$ to the the financially inept in washintgon, to watch it get squeezed to nickels by the time it finds it's way 'home'.

    Mismanagement, missapropriation, overpaying for wages, ovepaying for benefits, perks for the public employees (fed, state, union....) & officials runnig said programs....the waste is staggering. Being self employed, I have to beleive that you agree. The challenge is that there is no easy fix. But expecting the goverment to wisely use your extra tax dollars as you expect is tiresome.

    I absolutely agree on n.f.p model for insurance. With all the blowhards in washington, hollywood and NY, you'd think there'd be enough deep pockets to establish a functional model - for which citizens can then buy into. But the hollywood, ny and political elite would rather steal oxygen and air time 'championing' for change, than putting thier staggering wealth to better use. Not that there aren't those that do, but the appearance is that the majority would rather talk about thier plans, so that you give them your vote, go watch thier next movie, or join thier book club. I beleive that if you earned it, then spend it as you wish - either take your money and actually do something, or get off the 'look at me' soapbox.

    PS. You've probably have been paying SS taxes, among others, for the 'benefit' of you and your family (and other citizens and.....non-citizens) for a long time, is that going to work out as you exepcted?

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  17. Paigerella Judd

    My mother told me in 1980 when I was about 12 years old that I shouldn't expect to receive anything from Social Security. I believed her then, and even more so today.

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  18. Mike

    Excellent point why would anyone volunteer extra taxes, under the guise that our government / administration / political idiocracy would use those efficiently, productively and as promised?....pffft!

    washington has long since lost contact with normal citizens.....the spiral we're in is bordering a vortex, and a fast approaching a black hole....we need a good flushing in washington

    Bad decisions by congress and the house...even worse decisions by the supreme court with PAC corporate donations, and failing to step in when lower / state courts are setting precedents with hearing forms of sharia law.....massive beaurecratic nonsence of bad(non existant) tax reforms which is sorely needed, cap and trade, unions......the nonsense is becoming staggering and borderline idiotic.....Although I dearly miss him, I'm glad my grandfather has passed on, for he would be utterly ashamed with the direction this nation has turned....

    And he would have supported many of Joe's points...

    - don't quite know where the last rant came from, too much coffee I guess.

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