Get informed. Then vote.

The role of your elected officials is to find solutions to problems that are identified by the citizens of Salida. There have been two consistent requests heard by members of the City of Salida’s City Council. The first is “fix the roads.” The second is “fix the swimming pool.”

In February there was a workshop where it was made clear that each city department was not funded at a level that allows them to fulfill citizen expectations. Councilman Hugh Young spent many hours to create a “Fiscal Enhancement Plan.” There has been considerable input along the way and this document has and will continue to evolve. The aforementioned document is available on the City of Salida web site.

It is clear that Salida is dramatically underfunding its road repair and replacement budgets. The solution offered by the City Council is stated in ballot issue 2A. It seeks to raise the city sales tax by one percent and not charge any city property tax. Upon passage this would allow Salida to institute a road repair and replacement plan that would positively affect our 36 miles of roadways within the city.

The swimming pool is on its way to improvement. With the recent DOLA grant received by the city and the city’s matching funds we now have $900,000 to redo the hot water line and bring hot water to the pool. The question then becomes how do we pay for building improvements and maintenance into the future. Issue 2B places a $4.82 charge on any hotel or motel room. This money would go directly to improving the amenities that the local and visitor so enjoys.

I ask that all residents of Salida vote responsibly this November. Know the arguments for and against all issues and be informed. Be a good citizen and patriot. Vote.

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