Draft report of the Chaffee Heritage Area Management Plan released

Cover of the plan

The Chaffee County Heritage Area Management Plan – Draft – October 2008 is released.

This is a detailed review of the Chaffee County Heritage Area, how it has been developed and how it will be managed. The 191 page report describes the Heritage Area and includes much interesting background about county history and the people that made Chaffee County what it is today.

From the report – Purpose of the Chaffee County Heritage Area and Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway

The Chaffee County community has long recognized the value of this distinct natural environment and the unique cultural, historical and recreational resources that it has spawned. To protect and preserve these resources, to promote economic development, and to provide educational opportunities, the community established the Chaffee County Heritage Area in 2004. The establishment of the Heritage Area grew out of a growing consensus among county residents, governmental agencies, and local businesses that those heritage resources that define the county’s sense of community should be protected by creative and sensible solutions to retain and attract residents, appropriate businesses, and tourism.

This designation of Chaffee County as a Heritage Area is by resolution (Resolution No. 2004-45), officially established by the Chaffee County Commissioners with a defined boundary that coincides with the official county boundary (Figure 1, page 4). To guide development and management of the Heritage Area, the County Commissioners established the Chaffee County Heritage Area Advisory Board (CCHAAB) at the same time.

The CCHAAB consists of seven to nine members appointed by the Commissioners “to provide assistance on matters associated with planning and implementation of the Heritage Area program.” Members must be full-time residents and are selected by geographical diversity. At the direction of the County Commissioners, the program is administered and coordinated by the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA), a local non-profi t 501-c (3) cooperating association.

Soon after its creation the Board recognized the value of having the county’s major highways designated as a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway, and using that designation to energize and catalyze protection and preservation of the heritage resources of the Heritage Area, i.e., the whole county. Establishing a byway was given the highest priority, and in 2005, through the Board’s efforts and with community support, the Collegiate Peaks Historic and Scenic Byway was formally established.

The Chaffee County Heritage Area Management Plan will:

Chaffee County Heritage Area Map
  • Guide decision-making by the Chaffee County Heritage Area Advisory Board (CCHAAB) in the management and promotion of the Chaffee County Heritage Area and the Collegiate Peaks Byway;
  • Provide a vision and goals for the Heritage Area and Byway’s future, an inventory of its intrinsic qualities, and identification of ‘key findings’ related to the unique character of Chaffee County;
  • Recommend a set of strategies and actions, and present a phased implementation plan.

Download and read the complete report from the GARNA website.

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