Angler rebuts Mallett on KSBV

The following video clips were recorded Oct. 23 when David Pehle, the executive director of The America Cup, stopped by KSBV studios in Salida to tell Mark Scott his side of the story of his attempts to bring an international flyfishing tournament to Chaffee County, what went wrong and why he took the event to Frisco. Pehle responded directly to comments Mallett posted to the Citizen about the event.
Click on each video to get the whole story.

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One Response to “Angler rebuts Mallett on KSBV”

  1. Mike Harvey

    I don't know Mr. Pehle and I don't know anything about this issue other than what I have read or seen here. I do know Jerry. Jerry has been one of the great mentors of my life and helped me tremendusly both professionally and personally when I was just out of college and trying to find a way to make a career of my passion for rivers.

    Jerry has been a unmitagated success in his four years promoting river projects and issues in Chaffee County including both the Salida and BV River Parks and our successful RICD filing, which will protect flows in Chaffee County for my children's generation.

    It seems out of character for Jerry to simply dismiss this fly fishing tournament. It sounds like he actually went through a fair bit of effort to help Mr. Pehle. Mr. Pehle's motives are unclear to me and I certainly would not question the character of someone I don't know.

    I will say that in a year with so much at stake in Chaffee County Jerry is the canidate with the best vision for our future and a track record of having acted on that vision.

    This issue just seems distractionary and frankly not that ciritcal when there are so many real problems facing our County that we could be talking about.


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