Amettis is a true professional

This letter is to express my appreciation for the work of our county coroner, Randy Amettis, for the cooperative relationship he has established with the sheriff’s office during the course of the past twelve years and to urge my fellow citizens to return him to office this November.

The role of the coroner is to establish cause and manner of death while law enforcement investigators delve more deeply into a case by collecting physical evidence, conducting interviews, executing search and arrest warrants, and carrying out all the details of a case to determine what happened and who is responsible. To successfully conclude an investigation requires cooperation and a clear understanding of roles by all involved. In that regard, Mr. Amettis has established solid relationships with law enforcement here, and is both trusted and respected for his work.

Our deputies notify Mr. Amettis immediately of any death investigation and he or his assistant respond immediately to observe firsthand the condition of the scene and physical evidence collected by the investigators, confer with them on statements obtained from witnesses, and generally assure a successful conclusion of the case. He is sensitive to the feelings of the deceased’s relatives and loved ones and treats them, and the remains of the deceased, with respect and dignity.

This administration is so thoroughly confident in Mr. Amettis’ competence and integrity that we endorsed his employment of one of our deputies as a part-time deputy coroner. This symbiotic relationship between our agency and his assures a seamless investigative process.

Mr. Amettis is unaffiliated with any political party and is running as an Independent, self-funding his campaign as he has in previous years. He owes allegiance to no political group. He has served as coroner for the past twelve years during which time he has received certification as a death investigator and holds memberships in several professional organizations. He is, in brief, a true professional.

Pete Palmer
Buena Vista, CO

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