Garage sale and art swap – Sat, Sept 27

Jimmy Descant and friends will hold their Annual Friends Garage Sale on Saturday, Sept. 27, 8-12, 221 Palmer (no early birds please). But just as Jimmy has done in the past it will be that twist of being a Reverse Garage Sale also, where you bring cool collectible stuff that he may use in his art, for trade or sale. Jimmy is especially looking for steam irons for a giant Indian project he’s working on these days.

Last year there were a dozen sellers and sales in his yard and on his block of Palmer St., and this year there are 6 so far, with everything under the morning sun… furniture, antiques, art, collectibles, and a giant free pile for other artists. Along with a good dose of Ray Charles to make it lively!

The second twist is that he will have a donation jar out for his colleague and buddy Shark who is going thru treatments in Denver for throat cancer, and has to be out of commission for 3 months due to the serious circumstances and rehab. Cash, cards, and checks made out to his real name ‘Chris Lambdin’ will be accepted and forwarded to help out this larger than life local icon.

Jimmy says, “Salida is always inspirational, and inspiring in every aspects of art and life. Come see and join in!”

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