Raccoons in the kitchen


The other night my wife, and I were watching TV when we heard a noise in the kitchen. My wife went into the kitchen and found a large raccoon eating from the cat’s bowl. We had left the back door opened to cool the house. She chased it out and closed the door. In ten minutes he was back entering through the pet door. Had this been a human he could have been shot under the “make my day” law. But, we decided to call the police. After they told us there was nothing they could do, they called DOW. which the game warden told us hire a professional trapper. If you have a problem with a human, bear, or mountain lion you can receive assistance. If your complaint is about another species such as a raccoon, or deer there is nothing they can do.

It seems to me, having lived here for 30 years, that the only thing that DOW does is to make hunting and fishing more complicated. I remember when kids got out of school and hunters flooded the area to hunt. The three reasons I moved to Salida are gone now. I loved to fish, hunt, and garden. Between the complicated regulations, price of gasoline, and price of water all those things are now gone.

Local law prohibits tall fences in the front of your property. Houses around here now I have fences around their trees and bushes. It reminds me of a bad neighborhood in Denver where everyone has bars on their windows. If you can’t defend your property where do you get the services you pay for with your taxes?

George Ferrier

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3 Responses to “Raccoons in the kitchen”

  1. Robert Parker

    Gee Mister,
    Here in the country if we don't want the locals to join us we close the door. This is the country and it is in the mountains and it is absolutely wonderful!

    My recommendation is get with the program or move back to wherever you came from.

    Our wildlife was here way before we were. DOW is not in existence to commit murder for people who don't like wildlife.

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  2. Becky Donlan

    I have wildlife at my home every day and I am absolutely honored by the visits. Raccoons, skunks, fox, deer, bear and even a mountain lion (rarely). I have NEVER called anyone to come get rid of them. Keep your doors shut! These animals have as much, or MORE, right to be here than you do. Yes, this was their home before Salida was built. We are the invasive species. The animals should be calling someone to remove us from their homes.

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  3. Bill Donavan

    You write "...It seems to me, having lived here for 30 years, that the only thing that DOW does is to make hunting and fishing more complicated."

    I am pretty sure they do other things. But I appreciate the sentiment, I immediately thought, "after 30 years of drinking beer, it only seems to get me drunk." Or, "after 30 years of driving a car, it only seems to get me from one place to another." But I guess the latter is not really a pointless complaint.

    If I were you, I'd put on pensive, and exploratory Disney music when the raccoon comes to visit. It makes their visits much more entertaining. As the Raccoon runs out, shake your fist, and yell "You little Rascal!" Then, when she returns, shake your head in resolve and give her a silly name. This video may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dyUnm-KPFI

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